Personal Training Isnt the Same, so why call it the same

Personal Training Isn’t The Same, So Why Call It The Same

Personal Training isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even Yesterday. Your Personal Training isn’t the same as another person’s personal training … so why call it the same thing. Change your language and you’ll change how your prospective clients see you… You may have noticed an acceleration of…

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2 tips for starting a fitness business

So, you have completed your personal trainer course and fully qualified but what is next. Starting out can be a little daunting, so make sure you have a support network around you. Below are 2 tips for starting a fitness business. The final day of the PT attendance days are always my favourite, when all…

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5 simple steps to creating a fitness business

Starting out in the fitness industry can lead you down so many roads, but it seems most fit pro’s aspire to owning their own studio box or fitness business.  The biggest hurdle you have is knowing where to start, you have the big picture all mapped out, even down to what equipment you would have; but…

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Is Building a Fitness Business creating a Life Behind Bars?

So, are you ready for life behind bars? or would you rather avoid a life sentence for trading time for money? You see as a personal trainer you have a choice. You can either trade time for money or building a fitness business that truly works for you, whilst making more money and freeing up…

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how to start a business in fitness

How to start a business in fitness

Do you want to do the same job as your boss – but better? Trying to figure out how to start a business in fitness? The HOW is dependent on your WHY? Confused, keep reading… This seems to be high on the list when fit pros discuss why they want to set up their own…

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One Giant Leap – Your Start Up Business

Forty-five years ago, Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on another world. Armstrong’s “one small step … one giant leap” on the dusty lunar surface July 20, 1969. Your start up business might feel like a giant leap, but it starts with just a small step.  The Apollo…

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