One Giant Leap – Your Start Up Business

Forty-five years ago, Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on another world. Armstrong’s “one small step … one giant leap” on the dusty lunar surface July 20, 1969. Your start up business might feel like a giant leap, but it starts with just a small step. 

The Apollo 11 mission was truly a global event and giant leaps were taken in the advancement of technology and more importantly belief.  If we can get to the moon, what else is possible?  This event stretched our comfort zones and since technology and belief has been hugely challenged and expanded beyond our wildest dreams.

NASA believed so strongly they would win the race to the moon, they knew what they wanted and more importantly they knew why they wanted it.  For many years, NASA did not know how this would happen, they only knew it would happen and the belief and conviction of this decision was so strong they knew they would win.  This laser light focus and belief of “we will not be denied; we are the winners” kept them firmly on track.

Take a minute to consider the technology that has advanced in the last 45 years.  The computer systems that made Apollo 11 happen was 1/1,000,000 of the capacity of your smart phone which is in your pocket right now – WOW, I wonder if NASA could have even dreamt of the technology we have today.  Now that’s scary, if we can send a team to the moon, with the technology and belief of 1969, then what can you do today to expand your beliefs and comfort zone to develop.

Knowing the outcome

I want to highlight how strong “knowing the outcome” is.  In this instance, it was landing on the moon.  Let’s consider the health and fitness industry quickly.  How many people on a diet or weight loss campaign truly know, what their outcome is and why they want to achieve it.  More so, do they believe with ultimate conviction that their ideal weight is possible; without this conviction – they might as well not start.  Do you think NASA stayed on track 100% of the time, do you think they tried limitless solutions before they found the right answer and method, did NASA turn around and say “I’ve tried everything, it doesn’t work” – NO, they had the belief and conviction that meant one thing, “We will find a way, if it doesn’t work change the approach, if that doesn’t work change the approach… until you surpass your outcome”

Let’s fast forward 45 years from today, this will be 2059.  What will you be doing, where will you be.  Would you be able to look back and say “I took the giant leaps, made up of little step and lived life with ultimate conviction and belief”

What are you going to commit to today?  How many of life’s challenges are given up at the first hurdle, it’s time to step up and hold the belief, “anything is possible, if we can land on the moon in 1969, then I must ….. today”. Apply this to your start up business, believe anything is possible, and it will be.

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