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  • "Go for it!!! This masterclass made such a difference to me I went from 58%(refer) to 85% (pass). The support you receive, the daily questions and to belong in a group of people all working towards the same goal is so inspiring"
  • "I highly recommend the Parallel coaching masterclass. Hayley and Neale are great professionals full of experience to share. The videos and audios are so good and helped me a lot. I am that type of person that needs images, audio and time to process information and when I read the book from my course provider it all seems confusing and I could not get anything on my brain. The way Hayley created the master modules is just great. It is simple and easy to understand and it covers the whole content needed for your exams. You also have the interaction with the Facebook group which is another plus. Money super well spent!"
  • "A big thank you... I've followed all your Revision Mastery videos and today I found out I passed my A & P exam. I couldn't have done it with out you. I love the way you get the message across in everyday understandable language, makes all the difference! So, very many thanks, best wishes Zara
  • "Thank You for your fantastic videos. I bought the Level 3 A&P and Nutrition revision mastery series, and have just found out I passed my exams with flying colours [getting 93% and 100% in my exams] The videos made everything so much easier to learn as at first I found the information in my PT manual quite overwhelming. Huge thanks to Parallel Coaching
  • "I completed my Level 3 Exercise Referral with Parallel Coaching.  Not only do they provide excellent training, they go above and beyond, constantly adding extra value with support and guidance throughout! I so pleased I choose you guys to further my studies after completing my PT course.  Thank you so much"
  • "I have no hesitation in recommending Parallel Coaching. The depth and quality of the information and support given on their course is second to none. The mix of online content, live small group tutorials and constant support meant I completed my Level 4 Obesity course in 4 weeks"


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