Personal Training Isnt the Same, so why call it the same

Personal Training Isn’t The Same, So Why Call It The Same

Personal Training isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even Yesterday. Your Personal Training isn’t the same as another person’s personal training … so why call it the same thing.

Change your language and you’ll change how your prospective clients see you…

You may have noticed an acceleration of “coaches”, “transformation specialists”, “fat loss experts” and “life guru’s”. Well they are on to something…

Your clients have been exposed to the title “Personal Trainer” for years, and they will more than likely have a story that accompanies these words. Language is an amazing thing; it holds so much personal emotion it is un-quantifiable.

Think about the clients that you are enticing into a sale, when have they come across the word “personal trainer” before and what was the situation. If they had a bad or under-whelming experience, then calling yourself a “personal trainer” is going to cause an issue. Your client will have pre-judgements about the results they will get, the service they will receive, and also what they should be charged.

But in reality, your product is so different to the experience they had before, but there will be no telling them; because you have put them back to that place, back to that experience.

Take Dentists for example, If you have ever had a bad experience at a dentist then you will already be shuddering.

If you think they are a rip-off or you think that they dont produce results; you wont believe that another “dentist” would be any different.

Dentist number 2 walks up to you and offers you an amazing dentist service, with no pain and at super low rates. You are instantly going to be put off (whats the catch, hey). I paid 4 times that and it was rubbish, so how will a cheap one be better.

Then you get approached by a “smile brighter therapist”, who explains they have unique ways to clean up your teeth with no pain. No mention of money. You are instantly interested…

Can you see how language is everything.

Your current problem:

You are not “rubbish at attracting clients”

or “rubbish at making the sale”

or “a push over”

You are just using words that already come with a pre-judgement; a judgement of what personal training is, and a judgement of whether it will help them achieve their goal/ solve their pain.

Change your language … change the perception and limit the barriers.

Ask yourself is “Personal Training” really doing your service/ product justice… does it really explain what you do?

Test out your new wording on me … send me a message and i’ll let you know what I think >>

Looking forward to hearing from you

Hayley “The Non-Personal Trainer” Bergman

P.S. What do you think of the terms “personal trainer” or “guru”?