Is Building a Fitness Business creating a Life Behind Bars?

So, are you ready for life behind bars?

or would you rather avoid a life sentence for trading time for money?

You see as a personal trainer you have a choice. You can either trade time for money or building a fitness business that truly works for you, whilst making more money and freeing up time.

As a busy personal trainer you could easily fall into the trap of life behind bars, and train clients on an hourly rate. Here, you may take 6+ clients per day, and easily earn over £200 for that day of work. Across a year,this could get you over the £50K mark. Why would you want to give that up?

It is simple. You are spending 9+ hours in a club, bouncing between clients, living out of someone else’s diary and maybe even feeling frustrated and isolated. on the other hand, dreaming of building a fitness business that earns the same, or more, but freeing up a serious amount of time.

How much time do you have in a day?

That’s an interesting question ah… simple, 24 hours. Let’s work out some out some quick numbers…

Sleep 7 hours, now we are down to 17 hours

You need to eat, wash and take care of yourself; another 4 hours gone – 13 hours to go,

Your workout; another 1h30 disappeared – 11.5 hours left, The clock is ticking!

Oh wait! You also work, right? How about 9 hours per day with commuting?… CRAZY!

That leaves 2.5 hours per day for building a fitness business

You are down to 2.5 hours in your day and you haven’t spent any time with family or friends.You didn’t even have time to watch the latest episode of The Walking Dead!

Oh well, you have 2 days free on weekends when you can squeeze in a few hours to build your fitness business between shopping, cleaning and some free time. I’m sure you are going to build a huge empire… one weekend at a time!

So, where are you going to make more money and free up time?

If you continue to trade time for money in your 9 hour stint in the gym, there will only ever be small pockets of time to develop and grow your fitness business. If you want to start making money on your own and improve your lifestyle once and for all, you will need to make some serious changes to your current schedule. Would you agree that if you continue your current schedule nothing will change?

It probably won’t be easy, it may even feel like running against the crowd with people questioning your every move. But guess what, if you continue to practice something time and time again, you get good at it. So continuing a new schedule and challenging yourself will pay off, because here is the second choice…

The solution to building a fitness business without the bars

The concept is super simple; imagine that you have all the money in the world. You can pay someone to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for you. Another person would clean your house, cut the grass and take the car to the garage. Basically, with all the money in the world, you can buy yourself a lot of free time. The concept is similar to when you are building a fitness business; you pay other people to work for you so you can have more free time to generate value (this is called leveraging). Think real hard of 3 to 7 things you seriously rock at; for example, training clients, writing programmes and coaching advice. this is what you will do in your business from now on. Now, everything else you don’t rock at you leverage to someone else.

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But don’t just pick any old person; make sure they can do the job much better than you can. Finally, whatever it is you are leveraging, make sure this sits in the persons 3 to 7 things THEY rock at; for example, website design, social media or sales. Now, you are probably thinking, but who is going to pay them. Simple, YOU ARE! The time you now gain, you can add serious value to your clients, which means you can increase your average transaction rate, focus on repeat buys, have greater lead generation and conversion of sales. these 4 things alone will have an enormous upside to the bottom line of your fitness business, not to mention the dozens of things that you can now leverage too.

The thing is that trading time for money is an acceptable concept in today’s society. In fact, if you are not willing to work longer hours at work, you are perceived negatively. If you focus like a manager or an entrepreneur on paying qualified employees to do the work and take Fridays off, you are perceived as a lazy dude. So while you are acting smart, most people will think that you are lazy and that you abuse other’s people time. Nonetheless, they will happily make the decision to trade more time to earn more money the following day; and spend their life behind bars.

If you are currently trading time for money, learn how to start a fitness business that gives you more time, money and freedom.

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