Choosing the right business plan for your fitness business

Did you know most people epically fail when writing their fitness business plan! Why… Firstly, they write the plan and then never look at it again. Your fitness business plan is a living document. It only ever provides a snap shot of the business at that moment in time. So if it is never updated…

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Fitness Business Names: Do I call it (insert name) PT?

It’s nice for your fitness business names to hold personal significance; ultimately it must make sense to your target audience. For example, you may choose your name followed by PT (Joe Bloggs PT) or Joe Bloggs Extreme Bootcamp! We recommend you don’t name a company after yourself. Create a name with impact You will probably…

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fitness business plan

What is a fitness business plan?

Have you ever… Jotted down a fitness business idea on a scrap piece of paper with a few tasks you would need to do? Yes, I thought so… You’ve written a fitness business plan then! Or at least have written the basic components of one. At it’s heart, a fitness business plan is just a…

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can you read the scoreboard, fitness business advice

Business Advice for Personal Trainers: Can You Read the Scoreboard?

 If you can’t read the score board, you don’t know the score If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers – Keith Cunningham (2014) So, what does this really mean?  Business is a game, so first you must identify what business you are really in.  Personal trainers could be…

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