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Business Advice for Personal Trainers: Can You Read the Scoreboard?

 If you can’t read the score board, you don’t know the score

If you don’t know the score, you can’t tell the winners from the losers – Keith Cunningham (2014)

So, what does this really mean?  Business is a game, so first you must identify what business you are really in.  Personal trainers could be in many businesses, we think the main one is transforming the clients lives whether it is too loose weight, build muscle or complete a triathlon, and the list is endless as you know.  The best business Advice i can give you is to look at your business as a game. If Business is a game and your business is to transform the client’s lives, we must know how to measure, monitor and manage the client to ensure we know if they are winning at the game. Our aim should be to find ways to manage the clients and the business to get to the desired outcome with as much clarity as possible.

Clarity is Power (Tony Robbins, 2014)

As with any game, there must be rules and a scoreboard.  If you don’t have rules, the client will get lost, self-sabotage or even worse terminate the programme.

If you don’t have a scoreboard, how do you know you’re winning, how do you know you’re closer to the end outcome and how do you know you’re on track.

Create your own scoreboard in the The Academy <<<<< click here. In the case of a personal trainer, the rules are those you set your client, for example following the FITT principles, split routines, nutritional strategies  etc etc…  In terms of the score board, this is the data you collect such as height, weight, fitness test, % of RM etc etc.  So to gain clarity, the rules need to be simple, easy to follow and enjoyable and the data collection needs to be frequent, accurate and a hold as many variables as possible.  Now you can clearly see what’s going on!

So what’s the key business advice to achieve real fitness business success…

You have to know the game you are playing.

Let’s look at a metaphor to help,

If I said the words Cricket, one person instantly visualizes the game, the score board and can tell you the rules; whereas another person can likewise visualise but probably just see two teams with a bat and ball.  If I said the words, wicket, duck, goose, LBW, rub the seam; you may know what I’m talking about and others are now lost.  So, the person who knows the game, the rules, language and scoreboard; stands a much greater chance of being able to win as they can be strategic and anticipate what the other team are doing.  Separating the winners from the losers!

For your clients, we know what the game is for example loose weight, you know the rules for example, tweak macros and challenge behaviours, the language is easily understand such as sets, reps, temp, macros, protein etc.  You now know what the scoreboard looks like from testing.  Having all this in place – you can now be strategic and anticipate the road ahead with your client, guiding your client to long term sustainable success.

If the client doesn’t realise it’s a game, success is low, and likewise they also need to understand the language and score board.  When you and the client are on the same team you can both improve performance and add limitless amounts of clarity and have laser light focus on the outcome.  As soon as the scoreboard changes or plateaus for any reason, we know what to do; tweak the macros, explore training variables and challenge behaviour.  Now the scoreboard changes again, hopefully in the right direction that allows them to win the trophy (the outcome).

At the final in most games, even if we win or lose, the game ends.  In our Business the game never ends.  The client will always face weight management, fitness training and behaviour hurdles throughout life.

To keep your Personal Trainer clients on track and addicted to your service and brand, educate them on the game, the rules, the scoreboard and set them up for success to understand how to win the game.

More so, as a fitness business owner, you need to make sure your business has a scoreboard that tells you whether you are winning or losing at the game.

Not knowing numbers is the sole reason so many businesses fail in their first year. If you want ot be different, learn how to manage your money and read the stats with The Academy <<<<< click here