Fitness Business Names: Do I call it (insert name) PT?

It’s nice for your fitness business names to hold personal significance; ultimately it must make sense to your target audience.

For example, you may choose your name followed by PT (Joe Bloggs PT) or Joe Bloggs Extreme Bootcamp!

We recommend you don’t name a company after yourself.

Create a name with impact

You will probably have a huge list of fitness business names to choose from.  It’s crucial to get your business name right first time as it can be hard to go back and change in the future.

Now you probably already know this.  We are saturated with advertising messages trying to get our attention, with recent studies suggesting we are inundated with about five thousand ads per day.  If you want your business name to stand out you must find a winning name, something that people will remember à A name with impact.

Once you have your list of potential fitness business names, this will help steer your business towards a particular niche and therefore, develop the look of your brand.

And Kapow, your fitness business is alive…

This is something we explore heavily on the Fitness Business Kick-Starter Programme: Making your Fitness business come alive and this all starts with its name. Are you ready to get the best Fitness Business Name?

Choosing from a long list of fitness business names can be tough.  To start with you’re probably going to like the names that really resonate with you.  Instead you need to focus on the fitness business names that reach out and truly resonate for your potential clients.

#FitBizTip: Can you spell it?

Pick a name that can be easily pronounced and spelled.

A great example of this is “My Fitness Pal” and “Map My Run”.

Also, pay close attention to what words clients of your target market use to describe themselves, their interests and their goals. This should be reflected in the name.  Take the case of a long-standing fitness company, for example “British Military Fitness”; whose core clientele is made up of fit men & women that like training outdoors in a military approach.  Now there are many fitness business names that could be chosen for this service, however, based on the ethos of the company and background of the staffing it is clearly reflective of their services.

Once you have your chosen business name check to see if the name is available as a website URL.  If it’s available, the likelihood is no one else is using it.  Great News!  Try and make sure you can get the URL with a .com, and .org and purchase them all to secure you domain presence.

Forget the .net, .biz and .pt etc forget the extension, your customers won’t find you.

Next check your chosen business name with Registered Trademarks and companies house to ensure you can use the name legally and there are no restrictions or limitations you can foresee in the long run.  If it’s taken, it’s back to the long list of fitness business names to start again!

#FitBizTip: Don’t pick a long business name;

No one remembers a long business name.

When it comes to naming a business, don’t leave the customer guessing. And if your business name doesn’t tell something about what you do, your tagline definitely needs to.

A tagline is a brief statement that succinctly defines or represents the essence of your business.  For example, the tagline for Parallel Coaching is, “Giving Direction to Your Training”.  This is clear and succinct and sums up how we help our customers.  The tagline usually sits under the name and is used within the main logo.

#FitBizTip: Tagline

Your tagline should give us a hint about how your clients world will be improved with your product or service in it.

Our Take Away Message: The fitness business names you choose won’t necessarily make or break your success as a fitness entrepreneur. However, a carefully planned name will strongly contribute to your overall fitness brand and to your customers’ first impressions of you. “Make sure that your business name is one you’re proud to shout out loud and that it stands the test of time.

#FitBizTip: Don’t Rush

If you rush the naming process, you may end up with a mediocre name.

Enjoy it. It’s a bit like naming a child.  Take the time you need to pick the best name.

Setting up a fitness business, naming it and getting the nuts and bolts in place, can be a massive leap outside of you comfort zone. Are you ready to get the best Fitness Business Name?   The Academy takes your through the 5 steps process of naming and branding your business so you get it right first time. Join The Academy <<<<< click here