how to start a business in fitness

How to start a business in fitness

Do you want to do the same job as your boss – but better?

Trying to figure out how to start a business in fitness?

The HOW is dependent on your WHY? Confused, keep reading…

This seems to be high on the list when fit pros discuss why they want to set up their own fitness business. They all seem to have lots of reasons why. Reasons that push them away from their current position. And it’s this want to talk about today… Instead of being pushed towards starting a business, figure out what’s pulling you there!

You see, if you really want to figure out how to start a business you need to first understand WHY you want to set up a business. Once you figure out your juicy reasons to the WHY, the HOW falls into place with ease.

Most fitness pros start with trying to figure out the HOW to start a business first and get stumped very early on and end up losing motivation because their awesome ideas did not come to fruition. There was probably nothing wrong with their ideas, the problem lies within not knowing WHY they are doing it.

The Why and How fit nicely into the 80/20 rule.

80% Why and 20% How or 80% mind-set and 20% mechanics.

#FitnessBusinessTip: Make the WHY, Super clear, Juicy, Exciting, something that you own and can see the end outcome of.

When you own the WHY, you become a business gladiator and dominate the 80/20 rule above. You train so hard, practice all the right moves, are prepared to do what it takes and be challenged well outside your comfort zone as you figure out how to start a business.

The reason it’s easy now, you can see the end outcome, the WHY, you are being pulled instead of being pushed. And you don’t want to lose this because it belongs to you.

Think about something you already physically own and love. If you lost this you would probably be upset. Imagine owning your end outcome before you even get there, would you want to lose this – No Way.

So, in summary; before you sit down and think about how to start a business, sit down and start thinking why you want to start a business. This way you have the fundamental building blocks to work on as you dive deeper into the HOW.

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