2 tips for starting a fitness business

So, you have completed your personal trainer course and fully qualified but what is next. Starting out can be a little daunting, so make sure you have a support network around you. Below are 2 tips for starting a fitness business.

The final day of the PT attendance days are always my favourite, when all of the learners sigh with relief that they have handed in all of their work, completed all assessments and truly feel like the course is complete. This graduation day is full of emotion. Each of our learning groups create such a tight knit friendship that they can truly support one another and also have a seriously fun time on every attendance weekend. There is also a lot of pride, as tutors we are proud to have aided the journey of such a wonderful group of personal trainers, but more so the pride in their own achievements always surpasses their own expectations.

We run the attendance days adhering to FOUR KEY RULES:
#1. Play Full Out
#2. Have an Open Mind
#3. Let me Push you … and push each other
#4. Have FUN!

If you adhere to these rules throughout your training you will most certainly achieve the scores and standard you deserve. This latest group of PTs played full out and all managed to submit their work, and pass with high scores, all from applying these four rules.
We ask our learners to apply these four rules to all three stages of their learning:
• The pre-course reading
• The attendance days (6 at level 2 and 9 at level 3)
• The Academy to successfully kick start your business

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But most importantly it is about applying these rules when you are starting your career. If you have completed your studies then our biggest 2 tips for starting a fitness business are:

TOP TIP NO. 1 >>

Locate your treasure… You need to understand where the treasure is before you can start your journey towards it. To find your treasure, simply ask yourself these key questions to get started:
1. How much do you want to earn in your first year (be realistic, but make it exciting enough to motivate you continually)
2. How much time can you give per week (full time, part-time)
3. What type of client do you want to help and work with (be specific)
Don’t attempt to understand the HOW straight away – it is really important to understand exactly what you want …and WHY before looking at the mechanics of how you will get there.


Get a supportive network to hold you accountable for your actions on a weekly basis. Being self-employed can be lonely, so make sure you have fellow professionals that you can bounce ideas off and that can help to keep you on track to your end goal.

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