Personal Training Isnt the Same, so why call it the same

Personal Training Isn’t The Same, So Why Call It The Same

Personal Training isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even Yesterday. Your Personal Training isn’t the same as another person’s personal training … so why call it the same thing. Change your language and you’ll change how your prospective clients see you… You may have noticed an acceleration of…

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3 Steps to Sell More PT Sessions

Here are 3 top tips to sell more PT sessions.Starting a new PT business can be daunting, it feels totally new and you’re panicking at the thought of selling your PT products – at the end of the day, this will pay your wage.  Talking to a number of new personal Trainers this week made me realise…

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Do you create raving fans?

The big question is… Do you create raving fans? See, there are many strategies that every business needs to implement; ranging from the initial business set-up (back end) to the final delivery (front end). Having a raving fans strategy is a must though for all businesses in any industry… So, what exactly is a raving…

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Jack of all trades or master of one?

If you are looking to set up your fitness business, or develop a product, or even get more clients – I can guarantee that you have considered whether it is better to be a Jack of all Trades or a master of just one specialism? And if you haven’t questioned this… then you should! Why…

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Packaging Your Product for Business Growth

Whether you have a fitness business already, or looking to get started; the product is usually the first place to start when looking for business growth. And rightly so Your product or service is the reason clients will spend money with money. Your product or service is how you provide a solution to their biggest…

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Growing Your Fitness Business using YouTube

So, are you looking to Growing Your Fitness business, in a quick and cheap way;then you need to get on YouTube. I get asked how to set up a YouTube Channel a lot – so here it is… I done a Google hangout to show you how to build your Fitness Business using YouTube In this…

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