Growing Your Fitness Business using YouTube

So, are you looking to Growing Your Fitness business, in a quick and cheap way;then you need to get on YouTube.

I get asked how to set up a YouTube Channel a lot – so here it is…

I done a Google hangout to show you how to build your Fitness Business using YouTube

In this Hangout, you will learn:
# How to set up a You Tube Channel
# Tools to help brand your channel
# Orientation around your YouTube
# Content delivery# Basics of SEO
# You Tube cards for CTA
# Planning your Next Step!

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The Cheat Sheet >>

If you are in a hurry, then hop to the part you need using the cheat sheet guide below:

2.50 Neale kicks off the Google Hang Out – with an Intro to YouTube

5.05 Why should a Fit Pro use YouTube?

10.10 The Client Flow System TM

12.52 How to Set up a YouTube Channel

15.06 Tools to help brand your YouTube Channel

18.19 Your Fitness Business YouTube Channel

23.07 Orientation around your YouTube Channel

28.17 Content delivery

33.52 Getting found by your ideal client

39.06 call to action, and YouTube cards

43.00 What’s Your Next Step – take ACTION

45.07 The #No 1 Secret to grow your Fitness Business

So why YouTube.

Well, Giving away your best material may sound counter-intuitive.  However, this is exactly what all successful companies, coaches, mentors etc etc are doing.  YouTube allows you to reach out to hundreds of millions of people. People that have specific pain, problems, fears and frustrations. In your videos you can be very specific, set up your YouTube in a particular way to answer these specific pains.

This allows you to build a fan base and loyal following for your best content. In the video we break this all down into our “Client Flow System”. Here you will learn how to move a client through your marketing from the initial touch, then build “Know, Like, Trust and Desire in your service or product and finally to buying.

When your potential client enters your sales funnel, they are a suspect.  They are looking for answers to a specific problem or pain but not necessarily looking to buy (at this point). If you provide 1st class content, this will build “know, like, trust and desire” with your prospect.  They will come back to your content in the future for sure.  Now, the more they come back, you can elegantly move them through your sales funnel.  Providing you have clear calls to action on your content, they sign up and by providing you with an email. They become a prospect.  Here you can provide even more valuable content until they do one of two things.  Unsubscribe or buy.

Are you ready to Grow Your Fitness Business…

At the end of the hangout I set 3 to 5 action steps for you. This allows you to schedule action, start doing and build your fitness business YouTube Channel.

Forget Theory… This stuff actually works!

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