Jack of all trades or master of one?

If you are looking to set up your fitness business, or develop a product, or even get more clients – I can guarantee that you have considered whether it is better to be a Jack of all Trades or a master of just one specialism?

And if you haven’t questioned this… then you should!

Why would you ever want to serve everyone and be a jack of all trades?

Usually Health, wellbeing and Fitness professionals that are new to business make the decision that they will work with everyone – or anyone that will pay for their service?… is this you?

Time to rethink…

Here are my 3 P’s why you need to be a master of one:

These 3 points will show you exactly why you are worth much more as a Master, than you are as a Jack of all trades.

1.Product innovation

The very nature of designing a specific product that solves your ideal clients’ specific pains will let you look at the product you offer in an entirely new light. This will help you differentiate from others, by building a product that solves a client pain, forcing innovation.

For example consider the difference between ASDA and Waitrose – you could easily mistake them as the same product- but look deeper, they offer a very different product from one another. They have different “ideal client avatars”, and these different clients have different pains. Asda focus on solving the pain of money – and promise to be cheaper. Waitrose solve the pain of ethical and quality driven foods, regardless of cost. Therefore they attract their ideal client over and over again. As a result you can easily have a Waitrose on the same high street as an ASDA, because they have created their own market, they are not in competition.

The same applies for your business as a Personal Trainer. Imagine that you are working in club, if every PT in club accept anyone and everyone, then the product is generic.

If it is generic then what is the differentiation between them and you … other than a price war.

We have designed the FANS system, so you can differentiate your product and services from the outset, designing your own ABSystem to specifically attract your ideal client time and time again.

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2. People can find you

If you have an electrical issue at home, who do you call in- the Handyman or the electrician?

The electrician!

You would also visit the dentist instead of your GP if you had tooth ache!

In the technological age information is readily available, and it is easy to find solutions to your question or problem. So, given a choice if you wanted to lose weight, would you go to a weight loss expert or a jack of all trades personal trainer.

By mastering one specialism you can speak direct to your market, and make it easier for your ideal client to decide you are ideal for them.

Many Fit Pros believe that by specialising to one type of client, they will limit the pool of available clients. However, it actually works in reverse- if you are a specialist you will more than likely attract many more clients because your marketing will speak directly them.

3. Pricing of an expert

Being the specialist allows you to increase your average product fees for two reasons:

  • You are the best person to solve your client’s pain and there is limited availability of your diary, compared to the diary of 5 PTs combined. This creates scarcity which over time will drive the price up via demand.
  • If the average generalist personal trainer commits to 30 mins of reading and development every day – these 3.5 hours a week are spread over all of the topics and client goals they encounter. Whereas if you just specialise in injury than all 3.5 hours are dedicated purely to learning about injury! Therefore, your knowledge is 6 times greater over the one subject, and you can guarantee achievement of results – and that comes at an increased fee.

So, the prices don’t go up over principle, they go up over demand and success, which makes for linear business growth and more clients.

So, if you are deciding whether to be a jack of all trades or a master of one; don’t fear a lack of clients as a master. Fear a lack of demand as a jack of all trades.

If you are feel unworthy of stepping up and positioning yourself as an expert, you are not alone. I have been there too…and so has many other small business owners. The truth is it feels uncomfortable and counter-intuitive, but we have designed a series of systems and blueprints to help you position yourself as a genuine expert.

And we have compounded it with a seriously epic mindset coaching system to help you combat the fear that you are not worthy to be an expert in your field.

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