Do you create raving fans?

The big question is…

Do you create raving fans?

See, there are many strategies that every business needs to implement; ranging from the initial business set-up (back end) to the final delivery (front end).

Having a raving fans strategy is a must though for all businesses in any industry…

So, what exactly is a raving fan?

As Ken Blanchard wrote in his book, Raving Fans, a raving fan is “a customer who is so devoted to your products and services that they wouldn’t dream of taking their business elsewhere and will sing from the rooftops about just how good you are.”

So, one of your core strategies must be getting your clients to sing from the rooftops about your product of service.   If you do this well, your business will truly dwarf your competition and create massive customer loyalty.

I know what you’re thinking… how do I do this?

You MUST anticipate and meet your customers’ needs in a way that no other business can.

There are hundreds of small and large businesses trying to do what you do… making a product or providing a service for the clients you already have or are after.  You MUST be unique, you have to differentiate your business by helping your suspects, prospects and clients solve a specific problem in a bold way.

This is the key to making sure no one else in your industry even comes close.

This is a core strategy to any business, constantly creating raving fans.  It’s not just about being different, it’s about providing so much value that your clients can’t help but tell others about it.

The 4 steps to a raving fans game plan:

Here are four steps to creating a raving fans game plan and ensuring that your business is always full of qualified prospects.

1. Deliver More Than You Promise To Build Your Raving Fans

You will always need to promote and market your product or service, but as you convert your prospects into clients, give more value than they expect.  Always set out to surprise and delight your prospects and clients with added value, and they will reciprocate in kind, sharing stories of your terrific service with their family, friends, work colleagues and anyone else they can.  These are all primed to become your next clients.

In summary… raving fans come from playing 100% full out all the time, add massive value and serve to the highest level.

It doesn’t have to complicated, and it shouldn’t be guesswork. Te FANS system is a practical blueprint to find your ideal client and allow them to develop into Raving Fans. Forget the theory this stuff actually works!

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2. Move Your Clients to a Better Place

You want to be outstanding right?

What if I said most business set out to provide the best service and product but most end up settling with the minimum requirements!  This is one way to run a business, and it’s a sure route to failure. You and everyone on your team must be committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure you have raving fans.  You must become an IDWIT (I’ll Do Whatever It Takes).

In summary… raving fans come from creating the structure and systems that allows everyone in your business to consistently meet your client’s needs.

3. Reward Your Best Customers

Remember, the most expensive thing you can do as a business is to acquire new clients. For most businesses, this takes up most of your time, energy and money, and is one of the hardest things you do. Therefore, the easiest way to make additional money is to continually and better serve the clients you already have.

As any business should, testing and collecting real time client data is key to success.  Identify clients who come back more often, spend more money and refer others, and let them know how special they really are.  This is a sure fire way to build your raving fans culture.  You can provide exceptional discounts, special offers and first-priority status to ensure that you don’t lose any client to a competitor.

Finally, your best clients deserve your best offers and personalised communication.

In summary… build your raving fans by serving the clients you already have and reward them with your best offers!


4. Continually Ask Them What They Want And Give It To Them

Innovation is key.

Your business must continue to evolve to effectively meet your clients ever changing needs in unique and powerful ways, or…

…you face the certainty that someone else will step up and meet your prospects and clients’ needs for you.

You must be communicating with all your clients, asking them meaningful questions and collecting data to help direct the evolution of your business.

How will you evolve?  What is the biggest challenge your suspects, prospects and clients are facing? Why is it important that they find a solution? And then figure out how to help them, in ways that are unique, powerful and inspirational; and more so, in a way they can’t help but rave about to others.

In summary… what is your next business move to serve and grow your raving fans? It doesn’t have to complicated, and it shouldn’t be guesswork. The kick-starter features the FANS system; a 4 part exploration into exactly what your ideal clients want. Guiding you through all of your practical steps to build raving fans and develop a product that will serve them to the highest level. Forget the theory this stuff actually works!

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