Packaging Your Product for Business Growth

Whether you have a fitness business already, or looking to get started; the product is usually the first place to start when looking for business growth.

And rightly so

Your product or service is the reason clients will spend money with money.

Your product or service is how you provide a solution to their biggest pains.

Your product or service is your key method of earning income in your business.

Therefore, it is important you get it right.

So, often fit pros that are getting started in business will create a product by random chance, or because it is a product they would buy…

…but, the client is the only person that can decide the success of a product. If it hits their button and makes them excited about a solution to their pain, then they will buy.

A poorly positioned product can be the death of a company; you need to know your buying cycle, and how your suspects and clients move through a system time and time again… therefore achieving business growth on another level

Business growth doesn’t come from luck

You need a system.

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Here are our 5 steps to packaging your product for business growth:
  1. Lead Magnet
  2. Trip Wire
  3. Core Product
  4. Profit Maximiser
  5. Repeat buy

packaging your product for business growth - growth hacker - parallel Coaching

If you are looking for business growth then these 5 steps will transform your fitness business. Miss out any one of these steps and your clients may well fall out of the sales funnel , and you could be losing out on no-brainer profit opportunities in your business.

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