Why starting a fitness business is a mindset game

So you are starting a health, wellbeing and fitness business, and looking for the best business strategies to make sure you get started on the right foot. Fantastic! The first strategy to master when starting a health and fitness business is… Mindset! The more I look into the mind-set topic the more I realise it’s…

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Fitness Business Names: Do I call it (insert name) PT?

It’s nice for your fitness business names to hold personal significance; ultimately it must make sense to your target audience. For example, you may choose your name followed by PT (Joe Bloggs PT) or Joe Bloggs Extreme Bootcamp! We recommend you don’t name a company after yourself. Create a name with impact You will probably…

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Qualities of a fitness entrepreneur

Qualities of a Fitness Entrepreneur

How do you know if you are a fitness entrepreneur? There are many qualities you must naturally hold and some qualities you can learn. I am sure you can think of a list the length of your arm right? What qualities top trump and shot to the top of the list to become an outstanding…

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Top 5 Fitness Marketing Tips

So, you are awesome at fitness instructing, but need a bit of help with your fitness marketing. Starting out in the fitness industry can lead you down so many roads, but it seems most fit pro’s aspire to owning their own studio box or fitness business.  The biggest hurdle you have is knowing where to start,…

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What is the average personal trainer salary?

A career in Personal Training can be very rewarding both financially, physically and mentally.  The number one question we get asked most is how much does a Personal Trainer earn, what is an average personal trainer salary , and what areas of the fitness industry allow you capitalise on this. So, the question: what is the…

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fitness business plan

What is a fitness business plan?

Have you ever… Jotted down a fitness business idea on a scrap piece of paper with a few tasks you would need to do? Yes, I thought so… You’ve written a fitness business plan then! Or at least have written the basic components of one. At it’s heart, a fitness business plan is just a…

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