Top 5 Fitness Marketing Tips

So, you are awesome at fitness instructing, but need a bit of help with your fitness marketing.

Starting out in the fitness industry can lead you down so many roads, but it seems most fit pro’s aspire to owning their own studio box or fitness business.  The biggest hurdle you have is knowing where to start, you have the big picture all mapped out, even down to what equipment you would have; but it’s the today picture you need to focus on.  Being in the “NOW” and seeing things how they are is your first big step to make more money as a personal trainer and creating a fitness business.  This helps you see the enormity of the goal and the discrepancies from where you are to where you want to be.  Check out these 5  Fitness Marketing Tips and you can implement them all NOW

  “The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today’s work superbly well.” —Sir William Osler

Check out our Top 5 fitness marketing tips:

1) Decide on your target market – who is your ideal client?

Having a target market is the foundation on which you build your business. If you don’t know who you are trying to help then you will end up helping no one. Right now you might be thinking that you appeal to everyone and that you don’t want to alienate any potential clients but let me ask you, if you had a problem with your vision would you go to a GP or an optician?

Your target market have a common problem that you solve with your service.  That common problem distinguishes them from the market at large enabling you to ‘target your marketing’ to a certain type of person instead of having to market to everyone and having to spend lots of money “shot-gunning” advertising everywhere!

To find your target market, ask yourself who do you want to help? Start by building a profile of your ideal client called a buyer persona.  The purpose of building this buyer persona is to help you gain a deeper understanding of buyers and their buying behaviours.  By asking basic, yet key questions you tell the story of buyers today: who, what, where, when, why, and how (5w1h) they buy.
Once you’ve defined your target market  and built your buyer persona then you need to start to understand them better. I recommend doing another market research exercise like creating what they’re typical day looks like. This exercise gives you an insight into what your customers feel on a daily basis and you can create marketing messages that speak to their daily lives and even pin point set times to market to them.

2) Create a solution to their pain

Once you have decided on who you are going to work with, you have to come up with the best possible solution for their problem. Think about all of the aspects that are going to help your ideal client solve their problem. You need to develop the relevant systems and methods in which your service will completely solve their problem.  We have a multitude of systems to choose from to help them overcome the problems they face in all aspects of their problem.

As you are creating your target market’s solution you will want to come up with a name for your business.  We see and hear a lot of fitness business names and to be honest the majority of them don’t mean anything to who they serve.  Your business name has to be something the target market desires. So if your target market is to do with weight loss for the general public then choosing a name with ‘elite’ or boot camp’ in it, this probably will not resonant with your ideal client. People don’t want to be elite or feel like it’s a military workout, even though it may benefit some people to do so, they want to lose their unwanted body fat. All in all, market to what the customer wants and then give them what they need!

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3) Have a marketing hook 

Firstly, what is a marketing hook? Well, effective fitness marketing strategies often involve a hook, which is a short phrase or jingle designed to entice your ideal client to purchase a product or sign up for your service. Some hooks are also designed to arouse interest in your product or service and elicit further interaction between you and the ideal client.  Check out this system to help develop your short phrase.

  1. ideal client identification
  2. specify their situation
  3. proclamation of a new idea (to the ideal client)
  4. provide a big promise

Example: Now you’ve had your first baby, they’re growing up fast and you find yourself complaining about the stubborn baby fat and the lack of time to do anything about it.  Challenging this baby fat doesn’t have to be hours and hours of gruelling work in the gym.  Imagine being free from your baby fat once and for all, without a massive time commitment…and the baby fat never comes back.

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4) Make a sales system

Objections arise in any sales process but the best sales systems are designed to prevent those objections from coming up by dealing with them during the sales process. For example you may offer potential clients a free trial or free consultation to experience your service before the buy. It’s a simple try before you buy process but it’s important it’s done right.

During this time it’s important that the potential clients talk to other members about their successes.  Once they see people like themselves have achieved success through your systems it’s pretty much a no brainer for the potential client to sign up.

Unfortunately you will always have objections arise from time to time despite a slick sales system and the most common objection is money. The best response to this I’ve found is “I understand it seems expensive, but how much do you think you’ve invested in being unhealthy? And for a small amount of that number you can get your health back with us.”

5) The 3 E’s : Enjoyable, Educational and Entertaining

The way to retain customers isn’t always about locking them into long 12 month contracts, it’s about creating an amazing experience that people will chase you up to pay for. The experience needs to be enjoyable, effective and educational. When an experience is enjoyable then your ideal client will always want to come back. Secondly it has to be effective, that means that your system has a proven track record of lasting results. Finally, you need to educate your customers to improve their knowledge on how to live a healthy life. When you put all of these in place it’s a sure fire way to have your ideal clients consistently and persistently stay with you and enrich their lives.

By implementing the above 5 fitness marketing tips , you can truly kick start your “NOW” business and head out on a journey to build build build; towards your end goal.   These tips will help you develop the systems required to grow into the larger business you desire and make more money.

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