Why starting a fitness business is a mindset game

So you are starting a health, wellbeing and fitness business, and looking for the best business strategies to make sure you get started on the right foot. Fantastic!

The first strategy to master when starting a health and fitness business is…


The more I look into the mind-set topic the more I realise it’s importance.

Literally everything is conditioning… repetition is the mother of all skill >> cheesy I know, but practice really does make perfect.  See, if you practice something in the gym on a consistent basis, you start to get good at it and after a while realise what you set out to achieve you have now mastered.  So much so, it’s easy and you have set a new standard and strive for even more perfection.

starting a fitness business  is just like mastering your first exercise in the gym - repetition So, it all comes down to conditioning and practice.  If we play full out, condition and practice in other areas of our life, why can’t we apply the same approach to other areas such as our mind-set, our psychology, or our approach to thinking?

Simple, because our own fear gets in the way.  Fear of failure, fear it won’t work, fear fear fear… so we never start.  We have loads of great ideas but fear stops that very first step.

Talking with you guys (start up business owners) this week; the fear seems to be behind making more money.  The great ideas are coming in thick and fast of what you want to do but when money is the topic, fear jumps in the way.

I wonder why this is, what conditioning have we been exposed to that has anchored earning or having more money as something negative.  Are you conditioned to think money is bad?  I bet your thinking,” no; everyone strives to earn more, and making more money”, but what’s stopping you. Why haven’t you made the money already? This is why your mindset is the ultimate skill to master when starting a fitness business

And it’s this conditioning that will impact your success.

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For example lots of people have pretty messed up beliefs about money, like it’s difficult to get. Think of the conditioning you heard when growing up. “Money doesn’t …” Yup.. “..grow on trees”. Or that its rude to talk about money at the dining table. Or the negative conversations about mean/horrible successful people.

The conditioning started many years ago, and we need to park this and set a new belief system /blueprint that says the complete opposite “I am in control of how much I earn”

Everybody has limiting beliefs around money, no matter their current level. I first had limiting beliefs about earning £1000 from only working a few hours per week. Just like the guy earning 1 million a year has limiting beliefs around earning 1 million a month.

We all have them. The trick is about being aware of them and pushing past them, because that is what is keeping you held back.

And it all boils down to your mind-set around making more money.  So start practicing and conditioning yourself outside the gym, outside what we always do and condition your mind-set.  Condition it with conviction and laser light focus on your goal.  Get super excited, visualise it and before you know it, you would have actualised it.

So, when starting a health and fitness business, make sure you first master your mindset!

We know that mindset is the biggest reason that small start up businesses fail, so we have designed a Mindset and support system to guide you along your business kick start. Just having the knowledge isn’t enough you need to have the purpose, vision and motive to do whatever it takes and not give up. But, being a solo-entrepreneur can be lonely, so we support you the whole way

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