Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes: Resources Only

This is for you if you are already enrolled on a Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Course with another provider.

Maybe you are finding it hard to learn from just the manual?

Maybe its been a while since attendance days and you have lost your way?

Maybe you learn better from video and real life application?

As you know, the Obesity and Diabetes qualification will position you as an authority in weight management and fat loss, accessing the highest "level" in the fitness industry.

But this isn't a Qualification, these are supporting resources that will help you complete your L4 Obesity and Diabetes Portfolio, and help you get clarity over how to operate as a specialist.

If you are looking for the full qualification - click here

Most of our learners have bought their Obesity and Diabetes Qualification, with an existing provider, but are struggling to balance a new fitness career, family life, and potentially another job as well.

Its hard to see where you would fit in studying from a book or from dry e-learning.

Imagine having video based tutorials that you can listen to on the go, in the car and whilst doing housework; as well as replay as many times as you need.

That is exactly what our Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Resources Only package offers.

If you are looking for the full qualification - click here

We'll help you understand the 'ins and outs' to your Obesity and Diabetes course

What's included in the Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Resource Only Package?

Here's what's included:

  • 6 video modules
  • Download modules to MP3 - learn on the move
  • Lifetime access to online learning resources

What are the 6 L4 Obesity and Diabetes modules?

  • Module 1: Prevalence of Obesity and Diabetes
  • Module 2: Health Implications of Obesity and Diabetes
  • Module 3: Hormones and Fat Storage
  • Module 4: Appetite Regulation
  • Module 5: Working Alongside Medical Treatment
  • Module 6: Setting Up For Success

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat will I learn?

    You will learn everything you need to become an effective Obesity and Diabetes Specialist. Each module is approximately 1 hour long; not only explaining the physiological “Ins & Outs” of weight management, but explained with analogies and client stories to spark your instructor creativity and effectiveness.

    You will learn everything required to pass the qualification, and a lot more beside, so you leave confident and ready to train Obese and Diabetic clients immediately, through the guidance of your experienced tutor.

  • q-iconIs there an assessment?

    There are no assessments.

    There is no certification on this resource only package.

    If you are looking for the full qualification – click here

  • q-iconWhat are the Pre-Requisites for the Course?

    No Qualification is awarded for this course, therefore there is no pre-requisite required.

    If you are looking for the full qualification then you will require a Level 3 Exercise Referral Qualification – click here


  • q-iconWhat can I do after qualifying?

    As a Level 4 obesity and Diabetes Specialist you can expand the work you currently offer with clients, start a new project, strengthen your specialist brand, work within an exercise referral scheme and link with health care professionals.

    Level 4 is the highest qualification level within the health and fitness industry at the moment. However, many students enjoy learning the level 4 syllabus so much that they then enrol onto the level 4 low back pain qualification.

  • q-iconIs this for me?

    If you are already enrolled on a Level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Qualification with another provider then this will help support your studies.

    If you have used one of our previous Revision Mastery Series to help you pass your exams, then you know that our teaching is clear and easy to understand.

    This course adapts to your learning style and offers advice on the practical application.

  • q-iconDo I need internet to complete the course

    Yes, all of the resources are housed on our secure membership area, so you will need internet access to gain access to the modules, and supporting documents.

    HOWEVER you are able to download each video straight to MP3, allowing you to save it to your phone/ tablet/laptop and listen over and over, even without internet access.

    Lots of students have used this when working out, driving, going for a walk… You can save time, so there is no excuses stopping you from completing the course and accelerating your fitness knowledge.

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