Why should a Fitpro blog?

Do you blog?

No? As a Fitpro it can be confusing to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing, in order to grow your fitness business. So many personal trainers still ask us:

“why do I need to get online?”,

“why do I need to do social media?”,

and “why should a fitpro blog?”….

“When would i find the time to do that!”

I know, it happened to me too…In the gym at the crack of dawn? and at times pushing a 12 hour plus shift and often the last one out of the doors at night too? And all of this, to build your personal trainer business.

You’re super busy, juggling clients, writing programmes, walking the gym floor – oh and of course, training hard yourself and planning your own nutrition timings for perfect sessions! Am I right?

Running a  business can be tough…

Take a moment to consider all the things you have to complete each day, week and month to ensure you keep growing your personal trainer business. There are tons of things that build your to do list; from lead generation, selling, running the sessions to managing a website, building your social media and of course, growing the business kick ass fast…Why would you have time to write blogs?

Why should a Fitpro blog?

What if I said, you need to start focusing elsewhere in the business to truly grow, to stamp your mark and set clear defined lines in your personal trainer business territory!

Gary Vaynerchuk recently said “As a business owner in this day and age, you HAVE TO start focusing your energy on pushing out content rather than the other things you would otherwise be doing”

What this really is saying is, You NEED TO BECOME A MEDIA BUSINESS, not just a personal trainer business; and part of this is to push content out there –> start blogging!

Each day schedule 2 to 3 hours that purely focuses towards being a media business. I don’t mean scrolling through your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed. I mean, creating real meaningful content to give away. This will certainly add huge value to your social platforms, attract more clients, more engagement and real conversations about your business; and therefore separate you as the “Go To Expert” in your field.

Now, this may seem crazy, but you’re still here.

If you keep doing what you are doing, guess what? You’ll get the same results. Now if you want to grow your personal trainer business would you agree with me, you need to do something slightly different? You need a vehicle that challenges what you already know and do to start turning the business into a more profitable, client attraction machine!   Join The Academy <<<<< click here; to get a jump-start on your blog writing and targeted marketing.

The answer, CONTENT IS KING.

The more relevant, meaningful content you create, the better. In doing this you build up 4 very crucial things for both your prospective and current clients.




4) DESIRE (ill talk more about these another day).

In Summary, the more your prospective and current clients, Know, Like, Trust and Desire You; the quicker they move through the buying cycle, therefore having an enormous upside to the future of your business. Now, I’m sure that appeals.

Every business needs to start thinking and acting like a MEDIA BUSINESS.

If you are ready to Kick Start your Fitness Business, it is time to start blogging, get content out there and start building know, like, trust and desire. If you don’t know where to start, then check out The Academy for step by step guides, execution plans, strategies and blueprints that will leave you knowing and not guessing how to run a successful health, wellbeing and fitness business.