What is the secret ingredient to a successful fitness business?

Do you believe in success?

Or, are you more of a pessimist?

What is the secret ingredient to a successful fitness business?

Imagine, just for a second.  Holding a belief that success is guaranteed.  What would you fitness business look like? What would you be doing right now in your fitness business?

I bet it’s different from what you are actually doing right now?

When you achieve success you become someone new.  Your confidence is sky high and you learn to believe anything is possible in your fitness business.

You learn a new language

You become more precise in your actions

You understand that taking risks is all part of running your fitness business.

You approach every situation asking questions and seeking powerful answers.

The list of who you become is endless…

So, we kinda get what success feels like when you’re there… but what is this secret ingredient?


When you start and pursue your health and fitness business dream, you have to accept a fair bit of risk.  Risk, that some things might not go to plan.  Risk of investing time, money and effort and the ROI not paying out.  Risk, that just maybe you might lose it all one day.

This is ultimately why so many fit pros don’t pursue their fitness business in the first place.  They fear failure.

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So those fit pros that do start, what do they do differently?

They are totally determined.

Richard Branson uses determination as a secret to success.

“determination even when failure seems inevitable.  If you have enough determination… It’s more likely that you will succeed because of what you learned from the occasions when you didn’t succeed”.

You see, when you are determined to succeed, you recognise all the failures as elegant.  You learn the lesson and move on.  But, it’s only a lesson if you remember what you have learnt.

It’s this acceptance that operating a fitness business will hold failures.

It’s the ability to operate a mind-set that allows you to move forwards and grow without fearing failures that are yet to happen.

It’s the drive to start out totally determined.

and most of all

“The most important thing is to not be put off by failure.”

Just do it… believe in yourself, I know you have what it takes to build your fitness business.

Feeling determined


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