Top 5 reasons why kettlebell classes create raving fans

Why do some client’s and gym members LOVE Kettlebell classes, and others not touch it with a barge-pole.

Kettlebell Classes create Raving Fans!

Having  raving-fan-culture within your fitness Business is the one thing that will set you apart from other trainers.

Have you ever noticed that clients that attend kettlebell classes or bootcamps are committed!

You can spot them instantly; they arrive early to the gym as the shutters are just opening of a morning.

They are already in their gym kit, towel flung over their shoulder and water bottle in hand. Even after class, as they stagger back down the stairs, they are grinning ear-to-ear. What is all of the hype about?  Why do some gym members or clients, love kettlebell classes so much?

The Top 5 reasons why kettlebell classes create raving fans

1. “Increased fitness”:

Because kettlebell classes are so varied in intensity, it is essentially a 45 minute Fartlek Training. The heart is taken on a journey through period of low intensity and very high intensity waves of exercise. Constantly moving above and below the anaerobic threshold will increase VO2Max. The outcome being that clients can go faster for longer, with lower heart rates.

2. Muscle hypertrophy throughout the whole body:

You have felt that burn before! When your lactic acid is building up and you can’t wait for the minute-round or set to be over; this is a sign you are definitely using your type 2 muscle fibres. These muscle fibres are only recruited in anaerobic activity –and the good thing is they like to increase in size as well as strength. So if you are looking for a great physique kettleblls is fantastic – it burns fat alongside hypertrophy – every client’s dream.

… And before your female clients ask – don’t worry everybody gains mass at different levels, the low levels of testosterone in a female, makes it very unlikely that they will bulk, with a a good diet it will “tone” the entire body stripping fat and adding definition.

3. Motivating, Stress buster: 

Although exercise is a stressor to the body – it can often add clarity to the mind and boosts endorphins. The music, social atmosphere and bouts of high intensity will lift spirits and increase client self-confidence. It certainly gets the blood pumping and a great blast at the end of a tough working day.

4. Correct Posture and reduce back pain:

Most clients will adopt a triple-flexed seated position all day long. Switching off their Glutes and over tightening their hip flexes. In turn this leads to poor posture and muscle imbalance. This muscle imbalance is the leading cause of 80% of Low Back Pain. Therefore engaging and strengthening the Glutes and Core, is a sure fire way to help prevent back pain. However you hear so many clients say “kettlebells always hurts my back” – then they are not doing it right! learning the correct technique to prioritise Gluteal engagement is key.

5. Can Be Done Year Round – Anywhere: 

Clients love training outside and getting a bit sweatry in the great outdoors. But, when the nights draw in they can sometimes what the luxury of lights and warmth too – this is the beauty of kettlebells- they are portable and will fit around your business plan and client wants. Adapting to the season can be a fantastic way to guarantee raving fan clients all year round.

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