Take Action: how to stop procrastinating

So often Fit Pros identify procrastination as the main reason they aren’t making the progress they desire in their fitness business

So, Here’s how to stop procrastinating …

First ask yourself …What will you do tomorrow?

Take life and business as it comes

OR  Take massive action to what you want most?

One of the most powerful things that you can do is to plan out your next day the evening prior.

I don’t mean, write a to-do list on the back of a scrap piece of paper.  I mean, put yourself in a place of certainty, thinking about what you have achieved to date and what you really want most.  Get super excited…

And then, cease the moment.


How to stop procrastinating …

This is something that I started doing to help me deal with not being able to sleep because I had so many things racing through my mind.

I get fully ramped up, in a place of such certainty and conviction that whatever I choose to do; I can and I will do.

I write everything on paper and then it was easier for me to sleep knowing I was set up for success the next day.

However, just writing a to-do list is not a strategy for tomorrow…pick the top 3 things you need to get done the next day and highlight them.

They’re your Big 3…and they’re the things, that if you do them, you’ll be making real progress toward having the business you want.

…separating out the Top 3 can be tough.  this is why, being in a place of certainty and absolute control will help make these tough decisions, easy.

So plot out the 3 things you really need to get done tomorrow to move toward your goals before you go to bed tonight.

Then get them done before you get caught up working on everything else tomorrow.

Don’t get caught in your TO-DO list…

It will be a big step toward having the business you want.

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