make more money quickly - get a role model

Make more money quickly – get a role model

What can a fitpro learn from the habits of the world’s wealthiest people?

What do Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett have in common, in addition to their fairly sizeable net worth? More than you might think, and these commonalities are easily replicated by you too. So if you want to make more money quickly – get a role model!

So, you started your fitness career for any number of reasons, but I bet money and time came into it somewhere. Most Personal Trainers are looking for a  way to make more money quickly, and by the very nature of being a fit pro- you already have at least one of the 10 things that wealthy people have in common – you are a goal getter.

I’m sure you will agree, being a fit pro is more than just standing around a treadmill, spotting a client in a squat rack or asking for 1 more burpee right?  Being a fit pro is supporting the client right up to the goal – REPEAT AFTER ME,


Well, part of being a goal getter, I am sure you support your client in many areas of the lifestyle; including education around sleep timings, exercise, credible sources of info (definitely to cut back on your reality TV) and write clear action goals for the months, weeks and days ahead.  In summary you are a holistic trainer that gets the client their goal.

What is your goal, if you are a Fit Pro; then making more money should be high on your list. Would you agree that if there was a short cut to making more money, this should be public knowledge.

What would the short cut be?

The short-cut is to learn from those that have achieved what we want to achieve …

Success Leaves Clues

Well, what can we learn from the world’s wealthiest people?… recently reported 31, 680,000 millionaires and 1,426 billionaires in the world.  Now, Proximity is power (Tony Robbins); being in close proximity with this will certainly kick start your business and have an enormous upside on your bottom line. But, are you thinking –> how do I get in the same room as these people?

Tip, you don’t have to know them personally, you can easily place these people into your role model list.  Read about them, learn from them and do what they do/did.  They have made many mistakes to get to where they are now, which means you don’t have to.

So, I’m going to whistle through a few of habits of the world’s wealthiest people.  Wealthy people:

  •  maintain a list (things to do or complete)
  •  wake up 3 + hours before work
  •  listen to music
  •  network for 5 hours or more each month
  •  read for 30 minutes plus per day
  •  exercise 4 times per week
  •  reduce TV
  •  write down goals
  •  focus on accomplishing specific goals – A Goal Getter
  •  believe in life long education and self-improvement

In summary then, find a wealthy role model, someone who resonates with you and shares similar beliefs and values.  Immerse yourself in their world as much as possible (but do not stalk them).  Ask the question, What do they do that accelerates them towards achieving their goals.

And then say

“That’s exactly what I shall do then…”

Dare you to click the image below to Find Your Role Model…

remember - make more money quickly as a personal trainer