How To Add Value: 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Client’s Journey

Quick question…

Do you support your clients?

Silly question really.

It seems to crop up, every time that I offer Business advice to Fit Pro’s and small Health, and Wellbeing Businesses…

…How to Add Value ?

It is a given that you don’t want to under sell yourself, but you can’t just up the price on your service or product and offer the same basic service you always have.

So you need to know how to add value to your product or service.

As a Fit Pro, Personal Trainer, or Health Business, your product and service is purely Client centred – so the key to adding value is to supercharge your client’s journey and add high value support. Create your own  Avatar Branded System and support structure with The Academy <<<<< click here

 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Client’s Journey:

  1. Read what your clients read. 

Beyond keeping up with your own professional education and reading, pay attention to what your clients are reading. Reading professional journals is important, but it’s not enough…

Reading books magazines, that your clients read; such as Men’s Health or Runners World. They’re constantly reporting all the latest new trends in fitness, exercise and nutrition, and it’s not uncommon for their credibility to be questionable. When your clients are exposed to misinformation, they’ll likely look to you to confirm or refute what they’ve learned.

So, stay one step ahead, read what your clients read and be ready to support their questions.

  1. Assign Homework. 

Make your sessions last longer than the actual time you’re together by giving your clients things to do between sessions.

A trainer works with their client for the session, a coach works with them until they achieve the goal.  Don’t just see your clients as sessions… What do they do for the other 23 hours that day?

Homework is a short task or two to do on their own. It might even be simpler than that, like the client whose homework assignment was to practice standing with her feet under her hips and even in both feet, feet facing forwards, rather than her current habitual standing pattern-because that’s biomechanically better for her body.

It might be some basic breathing exercises or complete food diaries or workout journals.

Getting your client to action and think about their goal is key.  It reminds them, excites them about the end results they want.  This will increase adherence to the plan, retention and turn up rates for sessions and finally, create raving fans about the service you provide.

  1. You are not your client. 

A very minuscule percentage of your clients will think and act like you do. Don’t develop exercise programs that would be effective for you; put together programs that will work for your clients.

“The majority of trainers train their clients like they train themselves.  Being bias towards specific pieces of kit and exercises.  This approach may not be the best for that particular client.”

Get started!

Get started on these 3 simple methods of adding value to your client’s journey and watch them accelerate towards their goals. Not to mention their perceived value of your session has just rocketed …

… instead of the client viewing your session as 60 minutes of work – they see it as part of a supportive and thorough package which guides them straight to their goal. Now, that is worth much more!

Not only will they refer more clients to you, but you will also be able to charge more for your service or product too.

If you have recognised you are not adding enough value to your client’s journey, then learning how to create a specific product that is pitched straight at your client’s needs and solves their pains, will transform your business. Create your own  Avatar Branded System with The Academy <<<<< click here