Business Mindset: Is Coffee Bad For You?

Do You believe Coffee is bad for you? What about cookies?

If you believe this to be true then they are bad for you…

But, what does Coffee and Cookies got to do with your Business Mindset?


The question is though…

What else in your life is affecting you by what you believe?

What you believe can have massive repercussions for your business mindset.

The last 4 days we have worked with and spoken to dozens of Fit Pros surrounding their business mindset. Most believing that running a PT business is tough.

Let’s clear one thing up real quick. Running any business is tough but the consistent thoughts and language you use makes this even tougher…

If you hold this thought and belief that running a fit pro-business is tough. Then guess what, It is and it will be…

How will this affect your decisions, your actions and your general approach to daily hustle?

If you focus on business being tough, your business mindset will soon spiral into a world where everything you do or see is tough. You must focus on business being in the positive…

busienss mindset - the mind is a powerful thing

See, we tell ourselves these stories based upon our environment and belief systems we learnt as we grew up. Most people don’t even recognise that what they believe and say to themselves is affecting them; good or bad. They just crack on unknowingly…

Well ignorance is not bliss…

Becoming aware of what you say, what you believe to be true can radically transform your fit pro-business. And more so your, business mindset. Just imagine what you could achieve if you gave up the belief that business is tough?

I’m not saying that positive thinking will bring tons of new clients, get your admin work sorted and everything will smell of roses.

I am saying though…

Imagine telling yourself weekly, daily, hourly, every minute that you are a gladiator, you have stepped up; that you will do whatever it takes. What will you start to believe…?

How would you act?

What would you be doing differently?

How would you show up…?

You would show up with CERTAINTY!

Knowing you will make the right decision, say the right thing and do the right thing!

Mastering your business mindset with absolute certainty and conviction.

What effect would this have on your business? What effect would this have on your life?

How many more people would you help?

How much more money would you take of the table?

So the real question is… … What will you start to believe?


Until next time


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