5 tips for using social media in a fitness business

As a fitness professional you are always looking for innovative ways to add value to your clients and ensure they reach their weight loss goals.  What if we said social media could be the answer and help your clients on the final push towards their ultimate weight?  Check out our 5 tips for using social media in a fitness business, so you can add value to your clients journey immediately.

Besides the inspirational quotes, healthy recipes and the obligatory ‘before and after’ shots, losing weight on a social platform could just be the motivation your client has needed to get moving and truly challenge their goal for the first and final time. 

So if you want to use social media as a fitness pro to add value to your client’s weight loss journey, here are a few tips on how to do so safely:

1.     Know what your client’s goals are and stick to them

Like any other successful weight loss journey, you need to be aware of your individual client’s goals and make sure you stick to them. Whether they want to lose several pounds or simply need to shave the last few inches off their waist, this is what you should keep your focus on and keep every post targeted towards.  Specificity is key, try not to bombard the client with many different messages.

2.     Don’t get caught up by the hype

There are many amazing transformation pictures being posted every day on the various social platforms to take inspiration from. But there are just as many, if not more, pictures of bikini/fitness/glamour models being posted as well.  Your client may not understand the difference and with over 4000 marketing messages reported to bombard each person every day; the client is left wondering what a real sustainable goal is.  Educate your client and don’t let them get caught up by the hype; “look at them for inspiration only – not as a goal”

3.     Everyone’s journey is at different stages

The posts that you create must embrace the full goal alongside the smaller steps required during the journey.  What I mean is, don’t spray lots of posts all about the end goal.  As we know every client is an individual. This just focuses and reaches out to those who are near the end of their goal.  What about the client that wishes to start and has not yet made their first steps or even the client that’s just a few weeks into their journey.  If one person’s body takes a little longer to shed the pounds compared to the training buddy, allow it to take its time. Don’t rush your client because someone else achieved something better in a smaller time frame.  So posting on a regular basis to support as stage of client weight loss, from a physical and mental perspective will truly resonate with your ideal client which means your social platforms have much greater engagement.

4.     Position yourself as the expert with elegance.

You must position yourself as the ‘Go to expert’ for your clients.  The social platforms are crawling with many who call themselves ‘Guru’s and experts and they hustle hard.  By positioning yourself as the expert, you never actual call yourself the expert.  The clients now you are and the post, testimonials and content your create is testament to really being the expert regardless of your title.  So, being the expert is far better than just saying you are.  Talk and Walk the game. Really learn how to walk the walk as an expert, in the kick starter.

5.     Is it useful or interesting?

This final tip is really powerful.  Guide your clients to manage their social platforms; by this I mean, only follow those who really benefit you and the client on a daily, weekly and goal basis.  If the social newsfeeds are clogged up with many mixed message from here there and everywhere, your ‘Go to expert’ positioning will become jeopardised and potentially lost in the ether.   Final tip, when choosing to follow something or someone, use this simple system.  Do I find this interesting or useful? If it’s useful, follow it; if it is just interesting and not useful, bin it!

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