5 thoughts that are stopping you making money

Here are the 5 thoughts that are stopping you making money in your fitness business; as well as 3 top tips to help you make more money and sell more PT sessions.Starting a new Fitness Business can be daunting, it feels totally new and you’re panicking at the thought of selling your Personal Training Sessions – at the end of the day, this will pay your bills. 

Talking to a number of new Personal Trainers this week made me realise that fear and lack of belief, are such massive stumbling blocks when starting a fitness business and new career.  If you have spotted yourself saying any of the below phrases, then it is a sign that you are probably lacking some belief in yourself and your product.  Take a look at the list below and look to see if any of your thoughts appear –> because this is stopping you from making money. Then take a look at the  Top 3 tips to Sell More PT Sessions, to help rectify this:

5 thoughts that are stopping you making money

1. What if no one wants to buy?

The real question to ask yourself is “would I buy my product?” if you don’t value your own product then there is no-chance that you will be able to sell your packages to others. Also make sure your package is appropriate to the client’s needs and wants – If you are providing a solution to their problems or pains, then why wouldn’t they buy?

2. If people don’t buy, does that mean they don’t like me?

It is time to create distinction between your product and your personality. If someone doesn’t want to buy – they are turning down the product, not saying they don’t like you. If you are low in your self- confidence rejection can hurt. But the sooner you make the distinction between your product and you – the sooner you will be ready to make the sales.

Even a well-oiled sales machine does not have 100% success rate. So, celebrate these rejections, because they mean that you are one lead closer to the true sale.

3. I’m a new Personal Trainer – surely I should be cheap?

Research has shown that if your client is not investing money in the product, then they are less likely to invest time, effort and commitment too.  Therefore, the more that they pay, and the more ready they are to pay this, will mean they value your product more.

We recommend high ticket over low ticket all day long. A low ticket price is much more likely to attract high maintenance and non-committal/ fickle clients, compared to a committed high ticket client. For example, there is usually high turnover in budget health clubs as their only differentiating factor is price – if price is the only benefit then instantly your client will move to the cheapest in town if a competitor pitches up down the road. Whereas loyalty at a premium health club is much higher – for example David Lloyd’s has an epic retention rate, because the clients are COMMITTED to a lifestyle and to make the change.

4. Selling feels awkward – “I hate asking people for money”

Whether you are generally low in confidence, or it is just the thought of sales; asking for money can be scary. This is just a fear, as it is possibly something new to you – so just go ahead and do it. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Your client knows that this is a paid-for service; and with the value you offer it would never be free. So, just ask. Also, state your terms and rules at the beginning so your client knows how much their package actually is, and how/when they should pay. Be clear from the outset, then there should never be an awkward moment down the line .

5. I’m not doing this for money – I just want to help people

Fantastic, the chances are you will offer a great service and an amazing goal related package that really does help people. Whether it is body transformation or health related vitality, your purpose is clear. So, your gauge for success is not in money made, but in number of lives impacted. This is sales. So your sales and ability to be found by ideal clients is actually your key-stone, in order to help more people. So, just re- associate that you want to help MORE clients and because your product is so good at achieving their goal (you genuinely need to believe this) – you want to share this, so you can help more people.

Did you recognise a few of those thoughts in yourself; these are seriously stopping your from making more money as a personal trainer. Firstly, look at rectifying these thoughts – whenever you catch yourself saying or thinking them, just become aware of what you are saying. Now take a look below at our top tips to help rectify this; and then  Join The Academy <<<<< click here

 Top 3 Tips to Sell More PT Sessions:


Find Out What They Want (FOWTW), is the start of all client-trainer relationships. The information your client gives you is gold dust – find out exactly what your ideal client wants and what their pains/ problems are. Tweak your packages so they are goal related – this will be much easier to market than individual PT sessions.

#2 Sell the benefits:

Relate to your clients goals and wants, pains and problems by explaining your product in terms of how it will benefit them rather than the features, for example:

The feature is that it is a high intensity interval class – the benefit is that they will burn more calories in a shorter time, which really means getting back to post-baby weight with a shorter gym session.

You don’t need to tell them the feature, always word your copy and speak to your client in terms of benefits.  Task: write down all your product features and turn them into benefits, practice using these with clients – to see their interest massively increase.

#3 Change it:

If you are getting lots of signals that the packages and products are not working, then get client feedback and make small tweaks and changes until it works really well.

You should believe in your product’s ability to meet the client needs, so much that it is a no brainer for them to buy. If you don’t believe in your product – tweak the product until you KNOW it is the best on the market – become a specialist at achieving that goal!

If your unsure how to position yourself as the expert then the kick starter is perfect for you. The FANS system guides you how to pinpoint your ideal client and design the perfect product. Combine this with the mindset coaching to help you step off the edge and make more money, you will be well on your way to achieving the results you desperately desire, but not had the confidence to fulfil…YET!

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