3 ways to escape the Status Quo vortex : Make a change

Escaping the Status Quo vortex is probably the most important step to make a change in any career path.

As soon as you notice that you are well and truly inside the Status Quo; that is the moment you know you need to make a change and decide you want something better.

At that point you are already committed to making a change, but how do you actually break free.

If you have recognised you are well and truly inside the status quo vortex – then you need know how to escape.

These 3 ways to escape the status quo vortex will help you make a change

You could do just one of these ways, or if you are really driven to get out of the status quo then do all three and supercharge the change you have chosen.

1. Get Proximity

it is well documented that we are the average of our 5 people we spend the most time around. So, if you want to make a change that lasts, you need to spend your time around people who are like who you want to become; rather than people who reflect your “old” self.

This doesn’t mean cutting out all of your friends and family. start by seeking to meet new people that are leading the life you desire, go to network events, arrange meetings, and most importantly get out of your current work.

This is the fastest way to break-free of the vortex – so often the status quo vortex is super powerful and reinforced by your friends, family, business associated taht are in their own status quo vortex.

2. Get absolute clarity of what you want

If you are unsure what you want, your actions will not be strong enough in order to create the change.

Imagine you are in a real vortex, being spun around and dragged into a never ending spiral, you can’t get out of this if you are procrastinating and unsure of which direction you want to go. However if you know you want to head in a specific direction and you apply a strong and directed force, you will be able to break-free.

Get clear on what you want, and make at least one action everyday that gets you closer to your mission outcome.

3. Set a new standard

It is really important that you get used to setting a new standard on a regular basis. Stop putting up with things. Stop tolerating things.

Take a minute to jot down all of the things in your house (or car, or office) that you are tolerating,

Then make a mission to eradicate one of these everyday. Start with you car – are you putting up with a dirty windscreen or maybe a passenger floor full of rubbish. Whatever it is, get used to setting a new standard in your personal life and this will soon reflecting your career too.

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