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Show Up With Confidence & Have 100% Faith In Your Own Influence & Ability

ONLY 4 places left on day 1 Confidence Coach & 2 places on day 2 Kettlebells

1st & 2nd December - Milton Keynes

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What can I expect on Day 1?

  • Clarity on setting personal and client goals
  • Simplification of planning to get the goal without overwhelm
  • Linking A&P science to planning and goals
  • Confidence to speak in groups and overcome nerves
  • Taming your self doubt to accelerate your own results
  • Learn how to influence clients and ask better questions
  • Understand client language and to reframe
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What can I expect on Day 2?

  • Learn how to safely instruct Kettlebells
  • Learn 12+ foundation exercises using Kettlebells
  • Boost your coaching confidence
  • Learn how to train your clients anywhere
  • Understand how to progress and regress exercises
  • Learn how to implement coaching that will supercharge your next client session
  • Leave totally confident!
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This two-day weekend workshop provides the key skills and techniques required to establish you as a confident coach and master your instruction. It is suitable for all fitness professionals seeking to get more results from themselves and their clients. This inspirational weekend will challenge you and help you grow as a fitness professional, whether you are starting out or been in the industry for a while.

Day 1 is largely practical; it will widen your tool-box of skills to confidently plan for client results, influence clients to change, and quieten any self doubt.

Day 2 is practical, where we cover 12 of the foundational kettlebell moves, leaving you with a library of exercises to go away and coach your clients to get results. You will learn how to instruct with confidence for one-to-one and groups.


The whole weekend is 100% face-to-face in the classroom with Neale and Hayley.

Day 1: The Coach In Confidence workshop will be a mix of practical tasks and theoretical teachings to accelerate your confidence as a coach.
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Day 2:  The L1 Kettlebell Instructor course will be practical all day, so expect to get hot and sweaty throughout. There will be a formative practical assessment to ensure you are competent in all areas before receiving your certificate at the end of the day.
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Venue: Stantonbury Campus, Stantonbury, Milton Keynes MK14 6BN

Date: 1st and 2nd December 2018

Time: 0900- 1630 each day

Learners are requested to bring their own food and drink to the workshop. The venue has plenty of free parking and is a short taxi ride from the Central Milton Keynes Train Station.


There is no pre-requisite for this workshop, so all coaches are welcome. This is however designed for existing fitness professionals (at least a level 2 Fitness Qualification) that want to progress their skill-set.

What support will I get?

This one-day Coach In Confidence workshop will be fully supported throughout, to ensure that you feel safe to step outside of your comfort zones and be challenged. There will be regular contact before the workshop. Please ensure you notify us of any learning difficulties in advance of the workshop.


You will be formatively assessed throughout the course to ensure that you have grasped key concepts and that you are able to instruct a client safely and effectively.

What certificate will I receive?

You will receive a certificate of achievement at the end of the day.

ONLY 4 places left on day 1 Confidence Coach & 2 places on day 2 Kettlebells

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