“Muscle Memory Sprint Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Learn, Revise and Pass Your Level 2 or Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology Exam”

(without Having To Spend Hours Revising Or Relying On Your Course Manual)

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“The Revision Mastery Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Learn, Revise, and Pass Your Level 3 Nutrition Exam”

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Already Learning With Another Training Provider?

Perfect... many of the learners currently on the Muscle Memory Sprint are completing their full qualification with another provider however want more HELP, guidance and support [specifically on muscles].

Our Muscle Memory Sprint IS NOT another course with more exams... it simply guides you to pass the level 2 or level 3 course you're already doing that includes an anatomy and physiology exam!

The Muscle Memory Sprint Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Learn, Revise, and Pass Your Level 2 or Level 3 A&P Exam!

Instead Of Relying Solely On Your Manual Which Takes Ages To Read...

Instead of relying solely on your course manual to learn 26 muscles for level 2 A&P or 50 muscles for level 3 A&P which takes ages to read (where do you even start?) ... the muscle memory sprint has your learning style covered with 50x muscle flashcards, 20x MP3 audios and bonuses. There's no more re-reading the same paragraph, struggling with long anatomy words or nodding off... Meaning you slice your revision time in half and remember all the muscles ready for exam day.

The muscle memory sprint breaks down every muscle, clearly outlining the origins, insertions, joints crossed, muscle actions and exercise examples. These 50 flashcards are broken into easy memorable chunks of information using simple diagrams. Therefore, ANYONE can learn (even if it's been a while since you last studied).

Instead Of Searching Google & YouTube For Answers...

Instead of searching Google and YouTube for muscle answers... the Muscle Memory Sprint is a simple structured learning tool that places 50 muscle flashcards and MP3 Audios in one organised place. If you're doing L2 A&P you need to know 26 of these muscles and then all 50 for L3 A&P... giving you EVERYTHING you need to pass your exam. What's more, this is all mapped directly to your awarding bodies syllabus for Active IQ, YMCA and VTCT...

Also, you'll never need to search for complex meanings or pronunciations of long muscle anatomy words ever again!

Instead Of Carrying Your Manual Everywhere Or Relying On One Place To Learn...

Instead of carrying your manual everywhere or relying on one place to learn... the muscle memory sprint allows you to learn and revise at ANY TIME, no matter where you are, or what you are doing. Simply download the flashcards and to MP3 audios to access even without Wi-Fi. It will feel like you're in the classroom having a 121 lesson!

Now you can be held accountable to learn and revise in manageable time chunks that suit you, knowing that a qualified tutor is guiding your studies. Press Play, Pause, Rewind and Fast forward to learn and revise at your own speed!

Instead Of Delaying Or Walking Out Your Exam Gloomy...

Instead of delaying or walking out of your exam feeling gloomy... the muscle memory sprint guarantees you to feel confident about this tricky topic come exam day. There's NO MORE guessing, feeling anxious or "putting off" your exam. Once you've revised all the muscle flashcards and listened to the audio tutorials and the BONUS material you WILL be so confident you could take your exam any day and PASS with top score!

Or maybe you're learning with another training provider, have already referred your exam and feel gloomy... knowing your muscle knowledge let you down! The muscle memory sprint will give you everything you need to pass on your upcoming resit exam. In fact, 98% of our revision mastery learning pass first time or on the next re-sit!

The Simple Way To Pass Your Level 2 or Level 3 A&P Exam

I Realize That When I Signup Now I'll Get Full And Instant Access To The Muscle Memory Sprint:

  • Everything you need to know about muscles in one organised place: The Muscle Memory Sprint
  • 50 Muscle Flashcards - Instantly Download to any device, meaning you can learn anywhere, anytime!

You need to know 26 muscles for level 2 A&P exam

and 50 muscles for level 3 A&P exam.

Each flashcard clearly highlights whether it's a level 2 or 3 muscle![Note: you still get all 50 flashcards]

  • Each flashcards Includes:
  • A clear visual memeory hack
  • How to locate each muscle and it's origin and insertion
  • Understand the joint actions created by each muscle
  • "HOW TO" guide to using the flashcards - This will accelerate your understanding of each muscle
  • 28 Day Muscle Memory Sprint Email Series - all muscles delivered to your email inbox, each day for 28 days to structure your learning.
  • Instant Learning Hacks - Understand how to learn, revise, retain knowledge for your exam day and download a proven weekly revision planner.
  • Previously unseen Mock Questions and Quizzes to test your muscle knowledge
  • 20 Audio MP3 downloads for each muscle/group of muscles (each approx 15 mins long) - The only shortcut to slicing your revision time in half...
  • Unlimited Student Support - have a Question? you're NOT on your own!
  • Lifetime and Instant Access - START NOW

What are the 50 muscles you need to know for you Level 2 and 3 Anatomy and Physiology Exam?

You need to know 26 muscles for level 2 A&P exam

and 50 muscles for level 3 A&P exam.

Each flashcard clearly highlights whether it's a level 2 or 3 muscle![Note: you still get all 50 flashcards]

Each flashcard is specifically mapped to your level 3 anatomy and physiology manual and the leading awarding bodies: Active IQ, YMCA and VTCT.

  • Zone 1: The Hips and Core: Gluteus Maximus, Ilipsoas major, Iliacus, Diaphragm,The Intercostals, Transversus Abdominis (TVA), Internal Obliques, External Obliques, Rectus Abdominus
  • Zone 2: Legs: Gastrocnemius, Soleus, Tibialis Anterior, The Hamstrings (x3), The Quadriceps (x4), Sartorius, The Adductors (x5), The Abductors (x4).
  • Zone 3: Lower Back and Torso: Erector Spinae (x3),Multifidus, Quadratus Lumborum, The Rotator Cuff (x4), The Teres Major, The Trapezius, The Latissimus Dorsi, Major Rhomboids and Minor Rhomboids.
  • Zone 4: Chest and Arms: Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, Bicep Brachii, Tricep Brachii, The Serratus Anterior, The Deltoids and the Levator Scapulae.
  • Gluteus Maximus, Iliopsoas Major and Iliacus
  • Intercostals, Diaphragm and Transversus Abdominus
  • Rectus Abdominus, Internal and External Obliques
  • Gastrocnemius, Soleus and Anterior Tibialis
  • Hamstrings (3), Quadriceps (4) and Sartorius
  • Adductors (5) and Abductors (4)
  • Erector Spinae (3), Multifidus and Quadratus Lumborum
  • Serratus Anterior, Trapezius and Latissimus Dorsi
  • Rhomboids Major and Minor
  • Pectoralis Major and Minor
  • Bicep and Tricep Brachii
  • Rotator Cuff Muscles (4) and Teres Major
  • Deltoids and Levator Scapulae

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat will I learn?

    The 50 muscles have been divided not 4 zones, with each zone having 5 episodes.

    Each episode includes a 15 minute Audio download, clear flashcard images, key facts about the muscle(s) and text to accommodate all methods of learning.

    The Email Series delivers all 20 audio episodes alongside their flashcard images, to your inbox every day for 28 days … and in case you are consolidate what happens on the other 8 days, you also get review questions to help you consolidate your learning after each zone.

  • q-iconIs there an assessment?

    There is no assessment for the Muscle Memory Sprint.

    It is designed to leave you competent and confident for your Level 3 or 4 exams,  with your current training provider.

  • q-iconIs this for me?

    If you find learning and revising from a course manual tough, frustrating and hard to structure, this interactive muscle memory sprint will 100% help!

    If you are currently studying the muscles for any Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology exam, maybe it’s for a fitness qualification, a massage qualification, or  as part of your GCSE or A-Level studies… This will help you get organised and make learning easy.

  • q-iconDo I need internet to access the Revision Course

    All of the resources are housed on our secure membership area, so you will need internet access to gain access to the modules.

    HOWEVER, you are able to download each audio straight to MP3 and the image as a JPEG, allowing you to save it to your phone/ tablet/laptop and listen over and over, even without internet access.

    Lots of students have used this when working out, driving, going for a walk… You can save time, so there is no excuses stopping you from passing your exam first time with confidence.

    If you find it hard to access the portal, then sign up to the email series, and get them delivered to your inbox each day 🙂

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