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So you are currently training to become a fitness professional.  Maybe you are studying with another training provider and feel a little lost with your studies, trying desperately to learn from a single course manual.

Maybe you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, staring at your course manual for hours on end, whilst nothing seems to go in!

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Most people find it frustrating to learn from a book or manual. Imagine being able to watch and listen the "Ins & Outs" off your course manual, being able to pause, stop, fast forward and rewind your tutorials whenever and where ever you like.

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That’s exactly what the Revision Mastery Series allows you to do. We use analogies and metaphors to explain complex concepts.  This way you learn quicker, and become 100% confident making your exam a breeze.

Each video in the revision mastery series also includes cheat sheets, mock questions and the ability to download them onto your mobile or laptop, meaning you can learn even without WiFi.

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