Level 2 Advanced Kettlebell Instructor

As a Kettlebell Instructor, you already know the foundation moves...

You already know how excellent the Kettlebell is for improving performance and challenging your clients.


Why should I be a L2 Advanced Kettlebell Instructor?

Spot on Question!

Let me answer it with another question...

Do you implement multi-planar exercises with your clients or are you still using the basics of a swing, squat and press?

Are you implementing clear exercise plans that truly focus on the client's goal and functional daily movements?

See the Level 2 Adv Course addresses this,

You leave the day with a complete new skill-set utilizing the bell.

Instead of focusing on the fundamentals, we now immerse into the more technical moves, adding motor skills and S & C.

The day is open to a maximum 12 people as its pretty full on.  And whats more, we want to make sure the 12 leave knowing what to do and able to do it as a KB Master.

What will I get from it?

  • Learn how to dramatically spice up client workouts
  • Create exciting new programmes
  • Implement a NEW skill-set the moment you leave the course
  • Implement a new level to your current fitness business
  • Understand in how to train your clients to the max without any risk of injury
  • Learn how to implement adv coaching techniques that will supercharge your next client session
  • 1 Day - No Homework
  • I'm talking full-on immersion here
  • If you are ready to take your bells to the next level - then be one of the 12

Here are the details:

Venue: Stantonbury Campus, Milton Keynes

Date: Sunday 10th December (perfect - leave the family to do the Christmas shopping whilst you throw some metal around)

Time: 0900- 1630

Course Pre-requisite: Any Level 1 or Foundational Kettlebell certificate/ qualification. Ideally, you have taught clients the basic kettlebell exercises. You don't need to have done our Level 1 Kettlebells Course, you may have been trained by another provider - that is absolutely fine.

Cost:  £130

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The Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor Course is £130.

You get a certificate and manual; plus a full day of confidence building coaching centered around advanced kettlebell exercises.

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