Fitness Business Kickstarter Masterclass

PHEW The exams are completed!

For months (maybe even years) you have dedicated yourself to learning about fitness, anatomy, nutrition, practical coaching skills....

But then over night, it all ended with a massive celebration the day you found out you passed your exams!

What now?

It's time to put into practice... It's time to find clients and start delivering sessions.

Sounds easy enough, right?


It doesnt feel easy,
it feels overwhelming,
it feels lonely
and it feels like a long list of gruelling tasks...

...tasks that you have no idea how or when to start!


Well that sucked the fun out of it!
And it sucked the wind out of your sails.

Before you know it months (maybe even years) have passed, and your dream of starting as a Fit Pro is slowly slipping into the distance.

After all that hard work to pass, it feels like you'll never get there.

Consider the possibility that it can be easier, simpler and a lot less lonely...

I'm really pleased to be able to bring you our Fitness Business Kick-starter Masterclass, we have carefully sculpted a balance of simple confidence building and action steps, and business starter know-how, to give you a fully supported kick-start for your business.


Everything you need to kick-start your fitness business with confidence, in 4 weeks

What is the Fitness Business Kickstarter Masterclass?

Here's what's included:

  • Lifetime Access To The Fitness Business Kickstarter Library (60+hours of How-To's) ̶u̶s̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶£̶19̶7̶
  • Individualised Business Review
  • Weekly Live Interactive Tutorials x 8 --> see the breakdown of content
  • 4 week access to an exclusive Facebook support group (3rd September - 31st September 2018)
  • Continual Tutor Support for the 4 weeks (from experienced fit pros and Business Owners)
  • Daily Accelerator Tasks - To progress your confidence and take action (with options of 10mph or 80mph to suit your desired speed)
  • BONUS: Start up documents and templates (PARQ, Fitness Questionnaire etc)
  • BONUS: First steps in planning and nutrition
  • BONUS: Fit Pro Moonlighter Express Kit (for those looking to get started with 1-2 hours a week)

This 4 week masterclass, includes lifetime access to our Fitness Business Kickstarter Library. This has a value of £197, but you get this included in your masterclass. It is everything you need to know about starting and running a fitness business.  It is broken into 21 modules over 5 systems:

- FANS System: Finding Your Ideal Client & Solving Their Problems
- 4S Engine: The Business Set Up, Systems and Strategies to Drive Your Business
- The Kick-S.T.A.R.T.E.R Blueprint: The Sales and Marketing How-To's
- The COACH Formula: How to continually progress as a coach and instructor
- Mindset: You are the spark in your business, so here's how to look after the 6 inches of real estate between your ears.


  • INTRO VIDEO: Your road map ahead and overview of what to expect over throughout the masterclass
  • TUTORIAL 1: The Client
  • TUTORIAL 2: Q&A - answers to any of your business worries or questions
  • TUTORIAL 3: The Product
  • TUTORIAL 4: Q&A - answers to any of your business worries or questions
  • TUTORIAL 5: The Audience
  • TUTORIAL 6: Q&A - answers to any of your business worries or questions
  • TUTORIAL 7: The Sale
  • TUTORIAL 8: Q&A - answers to any of your business worries or questions
  • Each live tutorial will be 45 - 60 mins long, and there will be two per week, all are recorded if you cannot make it live.
  • These are the official tutorials but there will be endless amounts of content. No stone will be left un-turned, and We are going to give you everything We can to help you start your business with confidence.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhat will I learn?

    You will learn everything you need to start your fitness business.

    The How-Tos are important (and you will certainly learn them), but they mean nothing if you don’t feel confident enough to take those first steps. That’s why we also focus on action and confidence to accelerate your journey.

    The 4 weeks are structured around our 6 step Road Trip Formula… making business as simple as taking a road trip… But answering all the questions you have to make sure you enjoy the process of kick-starting your business

    You’ll Learn about:

    The Driver (You – and how much accelerator you need to apply)
    The Passengers – Your Clients
    The Destination – Your Client’s Goal
    The Vehicle – The Product
    The Journey/ Route – The marketing
    The Fuel stops – The Sales


  • q-iconIs there an assessment?

    No, not at all

    This is for you, and for starting your fitness business with confidence

    There will be no exams here!

  • q-iconWhat are the Pre-Requisites for the Course?

    Ideally, you will have a level 2 or 3 fitness qualification, that allows you to work with clients.

    (Gym instructor, Personal Trainer, Exercise To Music, Pilates, Yoga, Exercise Referral)


    You need to have a passion for fitness and a want to make this work… even if you feel scared and overwhelmed right now.

    You need to have some time availability throughout September (our daily tasks are adaptable depending on how much time you have available so it will work whether you can give a few hours a week, or a full week)

    You need to be supportive to other FitPros like you. There will be 15 other Fit Pros in this group all at exact same mission, they will need your support and encouragement too. No bitching or nit-picking allowed.



  • q-iconWhat results can I expect

    There are a lot of Fitness Gurus out there that will promise you the world. They will promise that youll be six figures in a few months…

    But all that is a little overwhelming, when you still havent got your business name or know how to get your first client.

    Having said that, you want to make money right?

    Our last masterclassers generated an average of just over £1000 each. Some gneerated much more, and others generated the equivalent to cover their investment with us… But they got the fitness business set up that they wanted.

    We aren’t going to give you a cookie cutter template, we are going to help you find your path in the business you want… using proven techniques and a lot of hand holding too.

  • q-iconIs this for me?

    If you are feeling lost and lonely.
    If you dont know where to start
    If you dont know how to get clients … then YES this is for you.

    It is open to all fit-pros that do not already have clients. Whether you qualified last week, or two years ago… this is about getting started.

    It is NOT for someone who already has a business set up and is looking to scale their fitness business.

    If you are not sure … book a call with us below and we’ll check to see that you are a good fit???

  • q-iconHow Do I Access It All?

    You will have two main points of contact :

    1.The Parallel Coaching Academy Login – for the library

    2.The Secret Facebook Group

    You can access everything from your phone, so if you don’t have a laptop/computer, that is ok too.



*** KICKSTARTER MASTERCLASS  ***  (value of £250) £99

This is why...

Why are we offering this at such an affordable cost?

We entered the fitness industry because we wanted to help clients become the best version of them. Then we started teaching Fit Pros because we wanted to raise the standard of the industry and indirectly help even more clients be the best version of them.

But, this only works if you go out there and start working with clients.

It doesn't work if you don't get started.

It doesn't work if you pass, but sit and watch your fitness career slip into the distance; frozen by low confidence, lack of know-how, and loneliness.

This 4-week Fitness Business Kick-starter Masterclass has a value of over £250, but if you sign up in this short window of opportunity (Doors close on Friday 31st August @ Midnight), then you will get everything for just £99:

-Lifetime Access To The Fitness Business Kickstarter Library - Valued at £197
- Individualised Business Review - Valued at £100
- Weekly Live Interactive Tutorials x 8 - Priceless
- 4 week access to an exclusive Facebook support group - Priceless
- Continual Tutor Support for the 4 weeks - Valued over £200
- Daily Accelerator Tasks - Priceless
- The Bonuses alone are worth over £99

You get Instant and Lifetime Access*; NO repeat payments or monthly fees.

*The FB group will only be live for the 4 weeks, after that access will not be available, but you will get lifetime access to the video recordings and all resources.

Sign up by completing the form below; payment is taken securely online using an online internationally payment gateway, offering you security and an instant receipt of payment.

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