The FANS system

Have you ever thought "How will I get clients?", "What product will they buy?", "What price will I charge?". All of these questions are answered in the FANS system, where you will find out what your ideal clients wants, build an Avatar, refine the language according to their Needs triangle and then build a perfect product for your Avatar, using our ABSystem


Module 1: Find Out What...

Find out exactly where the demand is, who is in your demographic,  what your ideal client wants, why they want it and when they want it. Work through the module and do this task meticulously as this will help focus all future weeks.

Introduction to Module 1: Find out What...

How to Attract Your Ideal Client

How To Position Yourself As The Authority Figure

Define Your Territory And Build Your Map

Module 2: Avatar

Building your Ideal Client Avatar is the bullseye of your dartboard; allowing you to focus every product and marketing to solving your client's pains.

Introduction to Module 2: Avatar

Avatar: Lets Build Yours!

Focus On Your Clientele & They Will Sell Your Business For You

Module 3: Needs Triangle

Now you have your Avatar, you need to know how to talk to them. The Needs Triangle will teach you how to convert features into benefits, and acknowledge the pains and pleasures your Avatar feels.

Introduction to Module 3: Needs Triangle


Needs Triangle

What Do People Really Need And Want?

Module 4: Serve

This is the bit you have been waiting for! Here you will learn how to truly serve your clients; creating the perfect Avatar branded System, that solves their pains and is a unique formulae to only you.

Introduction to Module 4: Serve


Serve Your Avatar Branded System (ABS)


Growth Hacking Your ABSystem

Serve Your ABS On A Silver Platter