Welcome to the COACH Formula

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This is an Exclusive Bonus, just for loyal Parallel Coaching Learners enrolled on our Coach In Confidence Workshops ... Watch through this 5 module series to help you set foundations of becoming a great coach.

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Whether you are a certified coach or not, being in business means you have to coach yourself, your team and your clients.

Every time you communicate a business message you are effectively coaching.

In the COACH Formula, you will sharpen up your coaching soft skills, learn how to over deliver, take charge of your attitude, find ways to constantly improve and finally, understand the importance of honesty.

C = Coaching
O = Overdeliver
A = Attitude
H = Honesty

Module 1: Coaching

As a business owner you are a coach.  Coaching yourself, your team and your sales funnel through change.  This requires a unique set of skills to master.  Release these skills and your inner coach here and raise the bar to 5 * communication and become the leader you desire.

Module 2: Overdeliver

Find out exactly how to over deliver for all parts of your sales funnel.  With any product or service you are providing a promise of delivery, learn how to under promise, keep your promise and always over deliver; stacking up tons of added value.

Module 3: Attitude

You must have an Attitude in business. Learn how to master a good one and steer away from a bad one.  Next, sitting on the fence doesn't get you anywhere, forming opinions is key.  Finally learn how to adopt a pro-active attitude instead of a reactive one.


Module 4: CANI

Find out exactly what CANI is and how to implement it into your business.  Without CANI you will be left behind by your competitors.  With CANI you can soar ahead and stay at the forefront of the game.


Module 5: Honesty

Find out why you need to be honest in business and why people lie.  Next, build your confidence and stop comparing yourself to others,  it's just a lie.  Finally, you will learn how to develop the truth in your coaching and see the colour added to stories...


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