3 ways to escape the Status Quo vortex : Make a change

Escaping the Status Quo vortex is probably the most important step to make a change in any career path. As soon as you notice that you are well and truly inside the Status Quo; that is the moment you know you need to make a change and decide you want something better. At that point…

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What is the secret ingredient to a successful fitness business?

Do you believe in success? Or, are you more of a pessimist? What is the secret ingredient to a successful fitness business? Imagine, just for a second.  Holding a belief that success is guaranteed.  What would you fitness business look like? What would you be doing right now in your fitness business? I bet it’s…

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The Fitness Business Stress Reliever

Do you find yourself stressed by your day, working with clients, running a fitness business, studying or just overwhelmed by what each day brings? If your suffering from Fitness Business Stress, and feel like there aren’t enough hours n the day, then take a look at our top three tips for relieving fitness business stress:…

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Are you in the personal trainer business or the media business?

I know, it happened to me too…In the gym at the crack of dawn? and at times pushing a 12 hour plus shift and often the last one out of the doors at night too? And all of this, to build your personal trainer business. You’re super busy, juggling clients, writing programmes, walking the gym…

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make more money quickly - get a role model

Make more money quickly – get a role model

What can a fitpro learn from the habits of the world’s wealthiest people? What do Oprah Winfrey and Warren Buffett have in common, in addition to their fairly sizeable net worth? More than you might think, and these commonalities are easily replicated by you too. So if you want to make more money quickly – get…

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5 thoughts that are stopping you making money

Here are the 5 thoughts that are stopping you making money in your fitness business; as well as 3 top tips to help you make more money and sell more PT sessions.Starting a new Fitness Business can be daunting, it feels totally new and you’re panicking at the thought of selling your Personal Training Sessions – at the end…

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