Anatomy & Physiology 4-week Masterclass

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Are you are studying for your Anatomy and Physiology exam? and have it booked for October or November?

This is for you if,

💪You are struggling to learn and remember for your upcoming Level 3 Anatomy exam

💪You don't know where to start when it comes to opening you course manual

💪You end up searching the web for answers on tricky topics

💪You feel like you are the only one that doesn't get it

💪You are training with another provider and lack support

💪You have failed your exam already and you believe you will fail again

💪You are feed up with banging your head against the manual and want to finally understand each topic to ACE the exam.

The biggest thing stopping thousands of learners from passing their anatomy exams is overwhelm! You have a huge manual to learn and 7 topics to know inside and out!

OVERWHELM is not having to much to do but more so knowing where to start.

This is EXACTLY that the 4-week masterclass solves... we'll help you ditch overwhelm and get you started in a clear and simple revision programme.  What's more, 150 learners have gone before you and 98% have passed their level 3 anatomy and physiology exam first time with top marks.

Success requires a few key elements:

# Having a clear Road Map and revision plan
# Learning information systematically and having analogies to help retain info
# Implementing a proven exam strategy
# Learning using a mix of live audio, video, cheat sheets, questions, drawing...
# Having support << from other learners and a tutor
# Being held accountable to actually learn and revise
# Knowing that you are not alone, and you can ask for help
# Having someone teach you the hardest topics in a way that makes sense
# BELIEF << If you don't believe you have what it takes, then borrowing belief from someone else makes all the difference to your revision

...So, we're really pleased to be able to bring you this Anatomy and Physiology October Masterclass.  This Four week Masterclass, will provide the knowledge, exam day strategies, the practice tests, the support and the tools to retain information, 10x your confidence and walk into your exam knowing and not guessing!


Everything you need to pass your Anatomy and Physiology Exam with confidence.

What is the Anatomy and Physiology Masterclass?

Here's what's included:

  • Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology Revision Mastery Series: all 7 modules on MP3 & MP4 + accompanying Cheat Sheets ̶u̶s̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶£̶9̶7̶
  • Muscle Memory Sprint including 28 day email series ̶u̶s̶u̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶£̶9̶7̶
  • Individual Diagnostic and personalised learning plan
  • Weekly Live Interactive Tutorials x 8 --> see the breakdown of content
  • 4 weeks access to an exclusive Facebook support group (From 1st October 2018)
  • Continual Tutor Support for the 4 weeks
  • Mock Questions & ANSWERS explained daily (in the closed group so no-one will judge you for answering honestly)
  • BONUS: Muscle Memory hacks and resources
  • BONUS: Revision Strategy and resources
  • BONUS: Exam Day Strategy resources
  • BONUS: How to beat revision stress

This 4 week masterclass, includes lifetime access to our Level 3 Revision Mastery Series. This has a value of £97, but you get this included in your masterclass. These 7 modules include everything you need to know to pass the exam, the entire Level 3 A&P syllabus, mapped to your manual and exam.

- Module 1: The Heart & Circulatory System
- Module 2: The Musculoskeletal System
- Module 3: Muscle Locations, Origins & Insertions
- Module 4: Posture & Core
- Module 5: The Nervous System
- Module 6: The Endocrine System
- Module 7: The Energy Systems
- Bonus: Mock Questions, Webinars & Exam Day Guidance


  • INTRO VIDEO: Your road map ahead (where you are now and what you need to do to pass) *THIS IS GOLDEN IF YOU CURRENTLY FEEL OVERWHELMED WITH YOUR STUDIES
  • TUTORIAL 1: The Muscle Memory Hack (this is what most learners struggle with)
  • TUTORIAL 2: Q&A - answers to any of your revision worries or questions - incl. how to structure your revision
  • TUTORIAL 3: Revision strategies for reading questions, retaining information and managing time
  • TUTORIAL 4: Q&A - answers to any of your revision worries or questions
  • TUTORIAL 5: The big three (Muscle Structure, Muscle Fibre Types and Axis of Movement)
  • TUTORIAL 6: Q&A - answers to any of your revision worries or questions
  • TUTORIAL 7: Exam day strategy, combating stress and anxiety
  • TUTORIAL 8: Q&A - answers to any of your revision worries or questions
  • Each live tutorial will be 45 - 60 mins long, and there will be two per week, all are recorded if you cannot make it live.
  • These are the official tutorials but there will be endless amounts of content. No stone will be left un-turned, and we'll give you everything to help you pass this exam.


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What learners are say about the masterclass...

  • Go for it!!! This masterclass made such a difference to me I went from 58%(refer) to 85% (pass). The support you receive, the daily questions and to belong in a group of people all working towards the same goal is so inspiring.
  • I highly recommend the Parallel coaching masterclass. Hayley and Neale are great professionals full of experience to share. The videos and audios are so good and helped me a lot. I am that type of person that needs images, audio and time to process information and when I read the book from my course provider it all seems confusing and I could not get anything on my brain. The way Hayley created the master modules is just great. It is simple and easy to understand and it covers the whole content needed for your exams. You also have the interaction with the Facebook group which is another plus. Money super well spent!
  • I would recommend parallel coaching masterclass, the support is amazing and everyone is wanting the same end goal.
  • Don't hesitate, I wish I done it sooner.
  • DO IT! Without the masterclass there was no way I would have passed my qualification - you would be silly not to do it.
  • Without a shadow of a doubt I'd recommend this to anyone considering doing the masterclass. It's been invaluable and has helped me so much!


The Anatomy and Physiology 4-week Masterclass starts Monday 1st October. The doors for enrolment are only open until Sunday 30th September @ Midnight. If you enrol before this time, you get the entire package for just £120; which is 50% off the valued price.

Paying for each of the Masterclass features individually would cost £240...

- Revision Mastery Series = usually £97
- Muscle Memory Sprint = usually £97
- Bonuses = usually £46
- Diagnostic and learning plan = Unavailable to buy
- The 8 Live Tutorials, Q&A and expert insider strategies = Unavailable to buy
- The FB group = Unavailable to buy

Usually £240 - You get it for £120

including exclusive bonuses unavailable on any other package we offer.

You get Instant and Lifetime Access*; NO repeat payments or monthly fees.

*The FB coaching group will only be live for the 4 weeks, after that access will not be available, but you will get lifetime access to the video recordings, revision mastery series and and all resources.

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