The Academy will kick-start your business... Here's How!

If You're A Health, Well-being Or Fitness Professional Who Is Starting a Fitness Business And Really Wants A Blue-Print To Follow.


You Already Have A Business But You've Struggled To Build It To The Level You Want- Then This Is For You.

Learning and getting a coach yourself is critical to make either of these dreams happen. And the Academy is dedicated to helping you get just that!

The key to turning your knowledge into regular income is by building solid foundations to your business.

But What Does It Take To Get Your Business Dream?

We'll show you how to accelerate your learning and kick-start your business to the next level. Starting a Fitness Business doesn't have to be difficult.

Would you agree that starting any business with no clear cut plan could be risky and relies on a little guess work and winging it?

If you agree about "guess work and winging it,” you’re not alone. For the better part of my career, that’s exactly what we did, too.

And we spent 5 years figuring out how to stop guessing and implement a clear cut plan.

In the early days, when my business was smaller and simpler, “winging it” got the job done. But as my business grew, “winging it” just didn’t do it anymore.

Would you agree that having a ready made and clear cut blueprint would kick-start your business and lay down solid foundations?

As Business Owners We Know That Being In Business Isn't Always Easy...

See, starting any new business is an exciting time, especially if you plan to do it full time and leave your regular job. The thought of being your own boss, making lots of money, and having the freedom to work your own hours seems a very inviting thought. However, with any new business venture, it can also mean a bit of doubt and uncertainty.

But this is where we can help you.

Since 2011, we have coached hundreds of health and fitness professionals to qualify, launch and grow their own successful businesses.

Having seen all of the obstacles that you can potentially face, we understand all the responsibilities that you will have as a business owner and know exactly what you need to do in order to have success when you start your business.

Allow Me To Introduce The Team


is an International Fitness Tutor and Presenter. He shares his knowledge and passion of the fitness and health industry with a vibrant and energetic teaching style. Neale has over 10 years of training and coaching experience across the UK and abroad. As a business mentor and coach he is able to help others follow their passion and turn it into a long lasting and successful profession, just like he did.


is an International Fitness Tutor, Assessor and Business Coach. Her passion for helping others accelerate their learning is reflected in her caring and bubbly teaching style. Hayley kick started her career with a Dance Degree, and has been a Fit Pro ever since. As a coach and presenter in the UK and abroad she strives to help others achieve their career change goals.


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